Nested Coils – Advanced Motors/Generators

Anyone who has looked at how electric motors and generators works knows that a magnet is rotated inside a coil or the reverse. This is the underlying foundation for both technologies.
If one were to attempt to redesign the electric motor/generator, they would have to come up with a new way to get electrons from the moving electronic flux field. Perhaps, having a magnet with different layers of opposite polarities; that might provide a boost in the amount of electrical energy (electrons) produced. Another approach could be to increase the size and/or density of the copper wrappings in the coil. Another would be to change the layout/structure of the coil wrappings. Perhaps, gold, platinum or silver wrappings or some combination in a new alloy?
None of these are very practical and would have been tried sometime in the last 150 years.
There is a new approach to look at. Say you have a new alloy that has all the properties of a copper-wrapped coil. This coil alloy could be drawn out for wire, rolled flat for plates or foil and molded into innovative shapes for multiple coil interactions with the magnet or magnets. Here’s a proposal; roll the alloy flat and make a cylindrical shape like a can of tomato paste or a toilet-roll cardboard insert. Now you have a coil in a totally different configuration. Let’s use the toilet-roll shape; it is about 1.5 inches in diameter by 4 inches. This will allow a magnet that is 4 inches long by 1 inch in diameter to interact with the coil. This is new territory.
Before getting into adding more coil sleeves to the new configuration, lets make the magnet bar from 4 magnets connected with each other. The first magnet can be oriented towards North with the next three magnets being South, North and South; opposite polarities. Another option would be to change the phase of each magnet: 0°/360°, 90°, 180° and 270°. There are actually many options in how these magnets could be configured, There could easily be six or eight or sixteen magnets and some of them could be spinning in one direction or another. That is without adding electrical power to any of these magnets (electromagnets).
As you can see, increasing the longitudinal size of the coil offers different approaches for our magnets. Let’s add some more coil sleeves; each additional sleeve will be 3/8ths inch further out; 12/8ths, 15/8ths, 18/8th, 21/8ths and 24/8ths (inches). The nested coils would start at 1.5 inches and expand outward (in five layers) to 3 inches.
This is an entirely new, much more efficient electrical motor/generator design.
As we are increasing the interaction between the magnets and coil(s), it is highly likely that more electron flow/current will be generated, or it will take less current to operate the motor.
Bottom line: this new motor/generator design will have many times the torque of current designs and will produce many times the electrical energy (current/electrons).
This is all possible from a change in perspective that a new material provides.

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Contaminated Chips from China!

By now, everyone on the planet has heard about (or read or watched videos) the floods in China. What people do not understand is how pervasive these floods have been. The floods have destroyed the crops in the fields and yes, there is going to be a food shortage in China this Winter.
This site is all about technology so I am going to look at the floods from that perspective. Most of the vast build-out of Chinese manufacturing has occurred in the areas that have been ravaged by the floods. You must understand, these floods are not a few feet or meters; we are talking about 15-20 feet or 3-4 meters. Many places have floodwaters as high as on the third floor.
What is this doing to the sprawled out Chinese manufacturing factories? They have been destroyed. Their manufacturing equipment (all electrical) has been submerged in muddy water. Yes, it is “fresh” water, but it cannot just be washed off, dried out and everything will work again. The tiny mud particles have gotten everywhere including into the electric circuit cards and yes, into the chips controlling everything. What else has happened? It is not just the factory floors that have been flooded, it is the warehouses that hold all of the parts needed by the factories. Think about that. How many of those parts will rust? How many of those parts are circuit cards? How many of those boxes and boxes contain chips and wafers that were waiting to be used in the assembly lines.
All of these parts have been contaminated by the muddy floodwaters. Think how many million chips and wafers are being used by Chinese manufacturers in a month. Where do all of these chips and wafers come from? Yep, the warehouses that have been flooded. ALL CHINESE ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS ARE CONTAMINATED AND UNRELIABLE!!!!!!! This does not just apply to phones; it applies to anything that has a chip in it. Appliances, TVs, Routers, Modems, Car Parts, Robotics and Military parts as well.
Just like the CCP Virus, the Chinese will be aware of this problem/issue before anyone else. What are they going to do about it? They will keep all of the chips that were stored “high up” in the warehouses for themselves; they will be needed for their military applications. The rest will be put into products to be shipped around the world. They will hope that the world does not realize the faulty equipment is related to the floods. After all, it could be software or firmware, but it is the underlying contaminated hardware.
The United States has made major moves to limit the high-end chips that China can import. China, accordingly, is trying to buildup it’s domestic production of chips. So, what do you think has happened to all of those chip foundry macines? Many of these have been flooded whether they were in the chip-making factories or the warehouses. So yes, the contaminated wafers are a big deal.
I am writing this to give all of my readers a heads-up; the world of electronic devices to include audio headsets and earpieces, VR Headsets, Game Stations, laptops, tablets, and yes, phones (even Apple) are going to take some serious hits in reliability. China is still the leading supplier of everything electronic. The problem is that China has becomed Contaminated.
Everyone will try to hide the cause of this problem. If everyone finds out about it, no one will buy anything made in China. That will mean the end of the Multi-National drive to make China the next SuperPower. Supply Chains are already leaving China and this will accelerate the departure. First, the virus and now the floods – China is finished.

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Smokeless Missiles? Yes.

In Military applications, shooting a missile with a lot of smoke tends to give your position away. This is true whether the missile is land-, sea- or air-based. If you are far away enough, the propellent making all of that smoke gets burned before the missile gets to its target.
This used to be a problem for rifles and pistols, but they came up with a “smokeless” cartridge. The bullet traveled towards its target without giving the position of the shooter away. Yes, there was still a heat and sound signature, but visually, it was difficult to locate where the shooter was. Today, we have suppressors or “silencers” to reduce both the heat and sound coming from the firing of a bullet.
The Militaries of the world have not figured out how to make Smokeless Missiles yet. When a Navy Ship fires one of its missiles, there is a long white trail that leads directly back to the ship that fired it. With today’s smart Anti-Ship Missiles the direction and distance from a target may be enough to instantly target a response. This, obviously, applies to missiles fired from ground units and from aircraft against ground or air targets.
Just as a technological break-through happened with bullets, the propellant for missiles can be modified to be “smokeless.”
Contact me for more information on how to make your missiles “Smokeless.”

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Is there a way to keep Hot Water HOT? or Cold COLD?

Not surprisingly, on this site, Yes! Before diving into this, please go to my New Physics pages and read about the four different types of electrons: Magnetron, Gravitron, Infratron, and Frigitron. As you can infer, Magnetrons are the electrons that form what we call Magnetism. Same for Gravity and Gravitrons. Frigitrons relate to what we call Cold or Freezing. Lastly, Infratrons related to Heat or Hot or Boiling or Steam.
This is important to understand; each of these has its own unique properties. While Magnetism and Gravity are binary opposites, they each have positive and negative poles with neutral positions leaning towards one pole or the other. The same can be said about Hot (Infratrons) and Cold (Frigitrons); they are binary opposites that both have positive and negative poles with neutral positions leaning towards one pole or the other.
No. Cold is not the absence of heat. That is just plain WRONG! Read the paragraph above again. Both Infratrons and Frigitrons have opposite poles with different impacts on Nature. Add the four neutral positions between the pols and our understanding of Heat/Hot and Cold gets far more complex. To help you understand what is going on, think about Magnetism. We all know that magnets have a North and South Pole. We all know that like poles repel and opposite poles attract. That is how magnets work.
So…These same polar attributes may apply to the two poles on the Gravity (Gravitron), Cold/Frozen (Frigitron), and Heat/Hot (Infratron) electrons. These polar attributes may be the same or different, but they will be opposite. We just haven’t figured out how to make a tool like a magnet for these three (3) other forces. We know what they are, how to use them, and experience them frequently. But, yes, we do not know a lot about them.
That was important background. We know that Hot Water has a different energy form than Cold Water; the electrons creating these effects are very different and have different properties. One electron, the Infratron, expands the molecule (Water), and the other, Frigitron, contracts. Another way of describing this is explosion and implosion.
Wait. We all know that hot water gets cooler until it reaches room temperature and cold water gets warmer until, it too, reaches room temperature. Water always returns to a steady state. This is the neutral states at work; there is a neutral leaning towards colder or hotter and a neutral leaning towards less cold or hot.
Being clever Humans; we have designed and created insulated containers to keep our hot things hot and our cold things cold. Frequently, they are made from two layers of stainless steel with an air gap in between. They work quite well and keep coffee hot for hours.
Our computers work on the principle of flowing electrons through insulating materials; keeping the positives away from the negatives and vice versa. This new technology does the same thing for hot or cold water (or any liquid).
We add a transmitter into the air gap between the internal surface and the external surface. We send a specific signal and specific frequencies into the air insulation.
Depending on the frequencies used, the air gap (the insulation) can be made much more difficult to traverse for both the Hot (Infratron) and Cold (Frigitron) electrons. This approach will work on any insulation material whether it is gas, liquid, or solid. What I am saying is that the Hot or Cold Water (or whatever) can be “bottled” up for much longer; perhaps for days or weeks longer. I am also saying that the transmitter can be switchable to keep things hotter or colder. Our screw-down caps may have to have their own transmission devices for greatest longterm efficiencies; a total sealing would then be created.
Just imagine, a water heater that would stay very hot until you used it, even a week or a month later. Yes, when you used it, more water would flow in replacement to be heated. Yes, we would have to re-design the water heater a bit but it would be worth it; the cost of heating water would drop by a lot.
This may not be efficient for coffee containers as we open them to drink from. It is a new technology for keeping things hotter or colder for longer periods of time; perhaps without active refrigeration or freezing. Think mailing food packages or the beach/camping cooler.
Using this approach, our refrigerated or frozen shipping containers would not have to work so hard at keeping things cold; this will create huge energy savings.

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A Different Way to Get to 5G

08-24-2020 08:51 AM CET | Science & Education
Press release from: Revitae Technologies
Everyone in our world believes that the only way to get increased bandwidth is to move to higher and higher frequencies. That has been the model for well over 100 years.
What if….There was a way to use our existing 4G Infrastructure. Yes, the existing cell towers and 4G phones that are spread around our planet.
This New Way?
First some basic technology. Whenever we send a radio signal of any frequency, it must be sent using what is called a Carrier or Propagation Wave. This must be established first and then the data is modulated on top of it. At the receiving end, the data is demodulated from the Carrier Wave.
This process is considered to be a single process for most, even our electrical and network engineers.
We have digitized everything else in our communications, but we have not been able to figure out how to digitize the Carrier or Propagation Waves.
This press release is about a new technology that digitizes the Propagation Wave.
What does a Propagation Wave do? It somehow propagates through the air from one location to another. Propagation is a form of kinetic energy. It carries the data. We know how to use it and have been doing so to carry all of our data in both wired and wireless since the beginning of the electronic age. We do not even think about it; it is 1, 2, and done.
What does digitizing the Carrier/Propagation Wave do for us? Each time we set up a communications channel, it uses a Carrier Wave. So, each signal or channel is using a Carrier Wave to carry data (modulated/demodulated).
What if this technology can allow the digitized Carrier/Propagation Wave to carry more than one channel/signal? What if we could transmit several signals/channels on one carrier wave? If we can put these multiple signals on a carrier wave at 30 degrees of separation, that would mean having 12 different/unique signals/channels on one carrier wave. How about 15 degrees of separation? That would be 24 channels. If we go down to 5 degrees of separation, that would be 72 channels. Using this new technology, we can use our existing communications technologies (all of them) to multiply the data that can be sent over any carrier wave.
Yes, the software and firmware will have to be updated. That is easy; we all get updates of both all of the time. But…we can use our existing 4G Infrastructure in cell towers and phones without having to spend very large amounts of money building out towers for higher frequencies.
This is also much safer for humans and animals. The higher frequencies also have higher power levels; both of these can cause “Frequency” sickness.
This is how Tesla was able to transmit electrical power. He used the Carrier/Propagation Wave. Guess what, this new technology can be used to transmit data, electrical power or both wirelessly.

David Maxwell
Revitae Technologies
St Thomas, VI 00803-6658
+1 (340) 244-9882

Revitae Technologies is an advanced technology company located in the US Virgin Islands (Atlantic TZ -4). Visit us at Be sure to check out our New Physics pages. There are two new Maxwell Equations.

This release was published on openPR.

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We are DeCentralizing and that is a Good Thing

Before COVID, our world was centralized around group activities. We went to the office or school or church or sports in large, organized groups. We even went out to eat in groups larger than 2 or 4.
Yes, we had our “alone time” activities like fishing and hiking and camping out in the wild, but our lives were organized around Centralized themes.
Think about it, we have many places to go and do things that operate on the principle of being centralized. Our schools, grocery stores, gas stations, and local government/police are all great examples. Then, there are shopping malls and Walmarts and Home Depots; again all centralized locations that drew us in.
So. What happened? We have become much more decentralized. Many more of us are working from home and buying everything online. Many more of us are moving away from the big cities to get away from the isolation, lack of joy activities, and looking for more space (getting away from the rioters, looters and criminals is also a factor).
These are new changes but are likely to remain more permanent than many of us realize. Is there going to be a massive return to the cities? No, most office workers prefer working from home. Are the cities going to die a slow death? Yes, although it may take ten years or so.
What about all of the other centralization around us? What about our police and the courts? Are they going to continue to be the same? Not likely; they will have to be digitized as well, just like telemedicine is doing to our doctor visits. This means that we will be forced to band together at a microlevel for safety and protection. It also means that many more guns will be sold.
What about our electricity? Can the centralized model of electrical generation survive? Not for long. Decentralized generation of electricity to support local needs is already a feature for those who want to move off-grid. Wind and Solar generation is coming along, but as California just found, it does not work for large centralized systems. Many Off-Griders are exploring using water in streams and rivers for generation in combination with Wind and Solar.
How about our voting and elections? Are we all going to go to the polling station and vote? We are already seeing an attempt to use mass mail-in ballots. How is that going to work? Is the Post Office going to survive as a centralized place to go to pick up mail or packages?
Everything in our world is, now, being forced to move into a decentralized mode. This will, eventually, also apply to our food stores, but that will be among the last to be decentralized. This will involve people realizing that they must grow or find their own food (to include protein). Learn how to get water from your rooves, even if “it’s just for the garden.”
Whoa! I am being ridiculous. Perhaps, but we have anarchists, rioters, looters, arsonists and killers running around destroying several of our cities. When does that get to us?
Let’s say that our “System” is more robust than that and our “way of life” is not so fragile.
Alright, we have a Grand Solar Minimum or Mini Ice Age coming. It is going to get much colder and the food crops will not be as abundant. Yes, there will be food shortages around the planet. It has already started in China and the Chinese will take the food from wherever they can. Yes, the series of disasters that China is experiencing is the beginning of the cold changes that we may experience for the next 100-300 years. This is not going to be a short term event; systems will have to adapt. People will have to adapt. Look up the Maunder Minimum; it was a Mini-Ice Age that lasted from 1650-1715 in Europe. That one was a short one but brought much starvation and disease (Black Death when the rats ran out of food and moved in with us).
I am not saying that we are moving into another “Dark Age.” We will still have great communications and our transportation network will be continued, but with changes that are both good and not-so-good. We will have power to run our computers and flash drives and, hopefully, our lives.
So, why is all of this happening NOW?
In December 2012, we moved out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius. I know this is Wu-Wu stuff.
Perhaps, but we are in a new age and it has different energies. We are seeing the dissolution of the old all around us. We are being forced, by circumstances, to adapt to changes that none of us saw coming. We are being forced into Decentralization.
Here’s some more on what being in Aquarius means. The symbol for Aquarius is a woman standing at the tippy top of a mountain (represented as a cone) and pouring water down the mountain from a jug. Lots of meaning here; in Aquarius, which will last for the next 2,160 years (an Age), women will be dominant. Instead of following the school (Pisces), the flock (Aries), or the herd (Taurus), each droplet of water can find its own way down the mountain. Individualism trumps collectivism. Yes, the water can go its own way even to the sea.
This is a huge change in energy. Women are planners and worriers. They are less violent. They are much more focused on how things feel. They are incredibly logical, but logic does not always rule. This new energy also supports deviating from the group (herd, flock, or school) or decentralizing.
Credentials that prove you are part of the “club” or “in-crowd” will no longer be needed; no licenses or permits or degrees needed. That too is part of the mass decentralization going on.
If you are still with me, this is why our world is becoming DeCentralized. The CCPVirus or Covid19 is just part of this massive energy shift. For whatever reason, the transition from one Age to another takes nine (9) years. We will be fully in the new energy on December 22, 2021. Plan accordingly.
Here’s some excellent news. This site is all about new technologies that can be brought into our world in this new energy. See my No Moving Parts Generator for a new way to generate electricity for small and medium groups. Yes, it can eventually be used to support big groups again. There are many technologies here, and in other sites, that are part of this shift in energies. Fear not, we are all moving into what will be called a “Golden” Age.

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Like Electrons, Gravity has Multi-States

See my page on the Different Electron States. Reread it thinking about many other “Binary” issues. This post will address Gravity and Not Gravity or Null Gravity. Let’s start with Newton’s Apple, it is attracted to the ground by Gravity pulling on it. Yes, we all get that. What most of us do not know is that Gravity is a Binary issue. There is also a Null or Not or Negative Gravity; it would be a force pushing on the Apples to keep them growing on the branch.
What if, the Apple Tree can communicate with the Earth (through its roots) that it wants Null Gravity energy as the fruit is busy growing. This is how the tree is able to replicate itself; seeds. What if, when the fruit is ready to fall, the tree communicates that it is ready for Positive Gravity to allow the fruit to be pulled to the ground.
This is an entirely new way of looking at the world, but just as we are acknowledging that there are “trans” genders, there are also “trans” Gravity and Magnetism properties. Gravity has a push and pulls component just like Magnetism has an attraction and repulsion property. We all know how to get a magnet to attract or repel, it is just a matter of moving the poles around; very simple.
Oddly enough, we do not know how to go between the push and the pull of Gravity. Can it be as simple as these different properties of Magnetism?
Our biggest problem with this concept now is that we do not recognize that Gravity has a Null property.
So. If we ponder that Gravity has a Positive and Negative component, we can designate the Positive or Plus component to 180° on a circle and the Negative or Null component to 360°. That means that activity on the 0-180° side is moving in the direction (or leaning towards) Plus Gravity. The reverse would be true for activity from 180-360° as it moves towards Null Gravity.
The points at 90° and 270° would be half-way between Plus and Null Gravity and can be described as Neutral. The 90° point would be Trending Plus and the 270° point would be trending Null.
Now, let’s add another technical component to both Plus and Null Gravity. Let’s say that both the Plus and Null (180° and 360°) positions have spin direction properties. Null spins upwards (vertically) clockwise and Plus spins downwards (vertically) counterclockwise.
Let’s add similar components to the Neutral points at 90° and 270°. Leaning Plus spins to the Left (horizontally counterclockwise) and Leaning Null spins to the Right (horizontally clockwise).
This is just like the Electrons; Gravity particles or components go back and forth changing their spins from verticle and horizontal and from clockwise to couterclockwise depending where they are on a circle.
Wow, Gravity just got a lot more complex, but also easier to understand.
My point here is that this is equally true for Magnetism, what we call Hot or Heat, what we call Cold or Frozen, and, even, what we call Dark and Light. Each of these has a Plus and Null property at 180° and 360° and each of them has different spin properties at 90° and 270°. Cold is not the absence of Heat; it has its own Plus and Null properties. Same for Darkness; it is not the absence of Light.
This is all part of what I call New Physics.

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Energetic Blocks are, finally, gone!

I channel Nicola Tesla. I ask him questions and when, I get a Yes, I am invited to keep asking questions until I get another Yes and so on. After a few yeses, I get a mental image of the device or alloy or program that I am asking about. So, yes, all of these technologies are being pulled from a conversation with Spirit. The big trick is to learn how to ask questions and to learn how to listen for the answers.
For anyone viewing my site for the first time, it is very broad and goes down many different Rabit Holes. That is OK as I can ask about any technology or new or improved ways of doing things. I have been doing this since 2000; that is a lot of questions.
For whatever reason, these technologies have been blocked and prevented from coming into the world. It has something to do with the Plan and the transition from the Dark Plan to the Light Plan. These technologies and I have had to wait for the right/correct timing. It has not been easy. It has been very frustrating at times.
The Plan, or Plans, did not know how to handle/treat me and my information. All of my technologies are very disruptive of the existing status quo; so I was Quarentined and experienced a kind of “lockdown” for 20 years.
The Light Plan and I have reached an accomodation. It is ready for me now and these technologies can be brought into the worlda. Yes, Tesla is telling me that now, finally, is the time.
So…, For the 4400 subscribers to this site, we will begin to see great changes to the world’s technologies. Many of the old ways of doing things will be phased out and replaced with much better options.
Love, Light, and Laughter,

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New, Different approach to 5G – Much Safer

Many of us are experiencing “lockdown” with the CCP Virus. The Chinese Communist Party made the decision to spread the virus to the entire world. Perhaps, they thought it would hinder or destroy the US Economy. They were losing in their fight with Donald Trump.
Wuhan is an interesting place. Not only is it the location for China’s most dangerous biologic warfare labratory, but it is the initial rollout location for China’s operational testing of their 5G technology.
I have written before on 5G technology approaches; they are using higher and higher frequency bands to get more and more data bandwidth. In the Chinese 5G (and European), they are using a frequency band that we all think of as Ultra Sound.
Think about that for a second. We all know about Ultra Sound being used to image a babyin a womb. The energy is able to pass through many layers of skin, muscle, fluid and organs to return a useful image. This is a very powerful signal that is projected into a woman for about 10 seconds and once per pregnancy maximum.
These Ultra Sound frequencies are being used to be the carrier wave for the 5G very wideband data capabilities. These carrier waves will be operating 24/7/365 or continuously all of the time. What do we already know about testing that has been done? 5G, using these frequencies, kills many kinds of birds. It may also be deadly to small animals like dogs and cats. It may also be deadly to Humans.
OK. We know that Ultra Sound signals do not travel very far in imaging a baby in the womb; about 18 inches maximum. But, to support a 5G infrastructure, these antennas will be about 50-60 feet apart, especially in urban high-density locations.To support this distancing and the large data requirements, this Ultra Sound carrier wave will have to be very powerful; perhaps as strong as 5 watts or more. Your most powerful WiFi router operates at 0.5 watts and can cause frequency or signal discomfort/illness for some people.
This approach to get to this new technology is way too dangerous. Let’s get back to Wuhan. The virus got out; it escaped the lab and starting spreading. At the same time, people were being hit with these powerful 5G signals. Many people came down with advanced form of Frequency Sigkness which lowered their immune system. The combination of the 5G Frequency Sickness and the virsu were deadly and China has lost many millions of people so far.
All around the world, people have been experiencing the virus as a form of the Flu which targeted older people with one or more underlying conditions. In 2018, the US lost 91,000 people to the Flu.
So what is the difference? The combination of the virus and the 5G Frequency Sickness is deadly.

Is there a different, better way to get to 5G? Yes. Our approach of increasing the frequency to get greater bandwidth has worked so far, but to keep pushing into higher frequencies with the needed added power and proliferation of antennas is proving to be too dangerous.
There is a different, better approach. Please go to my New Physics section on We are only using two fields, the propagation and magnetic fields, to communicate all of our data. There are actually nine fields that can be used to transmit much more data (and, even, electrical power). We can continue to use line-of-sight frequencies in the VHF, UHF, EHF and SHF bands. But, we can put 100s of megabytes of data around an HF signal (not through). We can also vastly increase the amount of data per second transmitted/received using similar outside-the-box thinking. We can acutally get to 5G using our existing 4G network, but would have to buy new routers and modems to enable the new technologies. We are going to have to do that anyway. We can put very large amounts of data around wires, fiber and, even, wireless signals.

One added bonus is huge; when we put signals around the wire, fiber or wireless carrier, there is no heat loss. Ohm’s Law does not apply. Just think of making circuit boards without the destructuve heat.

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4,355 Subscribers. Time to Speak Up. Time to Share.

I have been posting pages to this site since 2011 and inventing these technologies since 2002.
We have been in the WRONG energy (Dark/Left-Spin) up until yesterday. On 4/1/2020, we entered an energy transfer amount of 55%; we are over 50% and can begin to use this new, Light/Right-Spin energy.
Right-Spin energy has, finally, taken over in our world. All of the inventions/technologies listed on this site were all intended to be used in Right-Spin energies only and could not be brought into use in the old Left-Spin energies.
These technologies are all disruptive as all Hell to the old, limiting technologies and would have been totally resisted. And, yes, “They” would have tried to silence me.
That is no longer possible. The Universe is on my side now.


These are technologies that will CHANGE the World!

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