Mask Ships from Magnetic Seekers

Attention to the US Navy and the Oil Tanker Industry, Mines and Torpedoes with magnetic seekers are your biggest threats to large ships like Aircraft Carriers and Supertankers.

To many, it is looking like we are heading to another World War with Russia, China and Iran fighting against the West. They are outgunned and will resort to cheap, effective ways to attack our shipping. They will do this with magnetic mines and magnetically seeking torpedoes, but with improved, digital technologies. One torpedo, exploded under a large or medium ship will crack or break it’s keel and sink it.

I have a field generator that will “mask” large steel hulls from these magnetic seekers. This Null Magnetic field will “hide” large steel hulls, like Aircraft Carriers and Supertankers, from weapons using magnetic seeker technologies.

I am a former US Navy Petty Officer and a retired US Air Force Officer and want to help. Please feel free to contact me at

You will notice that many of the technologies presented on this site use new alloys and fields; many of them are not known about in our current science or experience.

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