Cloaking Device for Aircraft, Vehicles, Ships and Special Forces

For anyone old enough to remember Star Trek, the Klingons had a “cloaking device” that made their ships “invisible” to the visual and other sensors of Starfleet Command’s Starships.

Today, the military’s of the world are all interested in developing Stealth aircraft similar to what the US Military has produced and used so effectively in combat. There is also a lot of effort in developing stealthy ships; at least from a RADAR perspective.

What if a device could be built which generates a field that absorbs energy? I know how to build such a device. This device prevents the sending of return energy. This applies to vision or visuals, RADAR returns, Sonar Returns and Infrared or Heat returns.

Most people do not understand how we see things; we send an image of ourselves to meet what we are looking at and the object or person that we are looking at sends an image to us. These images meet in the middle to create a “seeing”. It takes two halves of an image coming together to create an image that we can process in our brains. Remember, this is all an illusion that we create all around ourselves and there are rules that everything work together.

No, you say, how can this two part vision be true or correct? OK. Let’s look at RADAR, a signal is sent from a transmitter out into the air; this signal hits a bird or a plane and is bounced back to a receiving antenna. There is a send and a receive for a plane to be tracked by RADAR. If the plane is Stealthy and the RADAR energy is not bounced back, the plane cannot be tracked or targeted for destruction. This is also true for Sonar using sound waves and Night Vision and Infrared tracking and targeting by missiles.

The same concept is at play in all of these sensor devices; there must be a send and receive.

OK. We want to, somehow, build a device that creates a field that allows the send to enter, but prevents the receive from being sent (or leaving). This applies to vision or seeing with our eyes, RADAR, Sonar, Night Vision or Heat/Infrared sensors. We are doing this already with the shape of planes and ships to send RADAR and Sonar energy back in different ways so that it is not received by the receive antenna.

There are many different kinds of fields that can be designed and built using some technologies that are not yet known to our scientific community. A Cloaking Device field or shield can be made; it is powered by Direct Current and the field-shield can overlap to cover large planes like C-5s, C-141s, C-130s, C-117s, KC-135s, KC-10s, KC-46A, and, or course, B-52s, B-1Bs, all of our fighter aircraft and, even our B-2s and other Stealthy aircraft. If it works for our military aircraft, it will also work for commercial jetliners, Lear Jets and personal aircraft.

This device is about the size of a large shoebox and operates on 400 watt DC power; it is far more cost effective than building a bunch of Stealthy aircraft for whatever purpose.

OK. I think aircraft have been covered. What about ships? There is nothing that can be done about the noise coming from turning propellers and the wake that is produced, but a field-shield can be generated around the ship, even an Aircraft Carrier or Super Tanker or Submarine that blocks the return of Sonar in the water. By towing field-shield generators on either side and to the rear of a ship, the propeller noise could be minimized.

OK. What about tanks and armoured personnel carriers and artillery pieces whether they are being towed or are self-propelled? Again, a field-shield can be generated around these vehicles that render them invisible to the eye, RADAR, Night Vision and Heat Signatures. This applies to the heat coming from a running or hot engine.

Allright. If this field-shield can do that for planes, ships, tanks, APCs, artillery, trains and plain old trucks, what about individual soldiers, sailors, Marines and various Special Forces operators. The answer is YES. Individuals can be made totally “invisible” until they announce their presence.

Wow! If the “Bad” guys get a hold of this technology, they will be able to use it against us? How about Terrorists? This field can be designed to have an encrypted trigger, much like our encrypted tactical communications devices. See the page on Enhancing Encryption with 20,000 Variables.

OK. How about reverse engineering after it has been captured? Not likely as it is using unknown technological principles that are not intuitive or observable by “normal” science.

I am not publishing this new advancement for wars on Earth, but as tools to defend our Planet and Allied Planets, if needed.

4 Responses to Cloaking Device for Aircraft, Vehicles, Ships and Special Forces

  1. Kevin Bruce Kieran Larson says:

    Would one be able to see or hear their surroundings from inside this field?

    • Merln says:

      Yes. It wouldn’t be much good around a Special Forces combatant if he/she could not see, hear, smell, and feel the airflow. Your point is well taken. There is a limitation on touching things through the field. That can be addressed by wearing special gloves that allow the palm of the hand to interact with the outside. Weapons can be kept inside the field and fired/used through it. This would be very valuable as an enemy aircraft, vehicle, ship, or opposing soldier(s) would not know about the cloaked unit/person. This field can be extended from the cloaked unit by as much as 10 feet, but that takes more power. Anything within the field can be picked up and used as normal including weapons and communications gear that is transmitting out. To receive signals, the field would have to be turned off, or adjusted to allow certain frequencies/power levels through.

      This field will make a person or plane/tank/ship invisible or with some tweaking, undetectable visually, sound, heat/infrared, or RADAR. If you are in a cloaked vehicle or ship, any disturbance of the water (the wake) or running through water would be visible. The same would apply to dust being kicked up. Even with this limitation, you will probably be able to escape being targetted as most weapons use vision, heat, or RADAR.

    • Grant says:

      How would someone combat against the use of cloaking in the event of gang stalking being followed.? I can see the dust from their plane/ship also their exhaust/heat source. Can hear it too even with a baffler plate. Distinct sound
      Please email me as ill explain in greater detail

      • Merln says:


        Good questions. The Cloaking Field will prevent visual, sound, heat/IR, wake (even for fast-moving boats, carrier battle groups and submarines), and dust signatures; it will make the user undetectable. One exception, when Special Forces are using it, the impressions (foot prints) made in the Earth can be tracked (this can be lessened by walking in water or on hard surfaces. This will also apply to track and wheel vehicles driving through mud, but will still make targeting much more difficult. Setting up ambushes up will be very effective with this technoloy.

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