Vibration Device to Keep Animals Away

This is a device that can be mounted on a flashlight or a walking stick or on the barrel of a rifle as a non-lethal defense option.  It is a direct current or battery-powered device that transmits a signal using very specific frequencies that repel the approach of specified animals like bears, wolves and big cats.  It is also very effective against sharks.

It can be configured to be used against a point target with greater power or used in an omni-directional mode when camped at night or hiking along a trail.  This is an ideal tool for ranchers who want to protect their livestock from predators; cattle and sheep frequencies can be left out.  The frequencies for dogs can be left out of the device transmitter as well, but that also excepts wolves.

With this device, you will never “surprise” any animal, they will leave as you approach if their frequencies are included in your transmission.  Oddly enough, every class of creature has their own specific frequencies.  This applies to water-tight devices that can be used to repel sharks, seals and sea lions around beaches; the transmissions propagate through water more effectively than through the air.

It is easy to adjust the frequencies being emitted using software apps on a smart phone, tablet or laptop computer via Bluetooth or USB connections.

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