Maxwell’s Equations – More on Curls

Physicists and Mathematicians have been studying and applying Maxwell’s Four (4) equations for more than 150 years. We think we know everything there is to know about them; wrong.
Yes, we know about the sources and the sinks and the requirement for bi-pole magnets. We are even quite right about the curls; they go clockwise or counter-clockwise in various configurations of copper wire whether it is a circle or coil.
Here are some new insights on curls; perhaps these are two additional equations.
Take a curl traveling along a circle/coil; this is a magnetic vector event. Here is the new insight; that curl has several different properties.
The first new property I will call Compress. Think of an old fashioned watch spring; when you wind it (compress it), the spring become tight; Then, it becomes looser (half-way unwound); and, finally, it becomes fully unwound or loosest and must be re-wound.
So…This Curl can be moving along a wire (or through the air) and be tightly wound (Positive), partially wound/unwound (Neutral) and loosely wound (Negative). It can also be Compressed in either direction; Clockwise (to the Right) or Counterclockwise (to the Left). Wait, you say, can be this be true when the Curl is already traveling Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise? Yes.
This Curl Compression can be best viewed as a Right-Spin or Left-Spin Vortex that is tight (high speed), medium (medium speed) or loose (slow speed). Another way of looking at it is the “Eye” of the Storm in a Hurricane or Cyclone (depending on which Hemisphere).
The Next new property I will call Morph. From the above discussion, we know that the Curl has a directional Compression. It also has a distinct shape or geometry; a Disc, like a “Flying Saucer,” which is Positive, a Hemisphere, which is Neutral and a Sphere, which is Negative. Like Compression, the most compressed is Positive and the least compressed is Negative.
While this discussion is focused on Maxwell’s Equations which makes these new insights applicable to Electro-Magnetism, they apply generally to physics as a whole. Compress and Morph are the underlying structure to really understand Induction, Explosion and Implosion. We think we know Induction well, but not. We understand Explosion quite well, but tend to be clueless about Implosion and how to get power and other properties from it.
Compress and Morph will also help us understand and exploit Electro-Static and Electro-Gravity events and how to control them.

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