Robust Wireless Electricity

Many of us know about Nickola Tesla’s intent and successes in transmitting electricity WIRELESSLY over miles of physical distance and powering up light bulbs, irons and other early alternating current electrical devices. Tesla was way ahead of his time; the copper wire, timber and coal interests of his time were not going to allow wireless electricity to happen.

Today, it is a lot different. We all use high frequency wireless transmission of data all around us (WiFi) and are moving relentlessly towards 5G in the coming years. People are open to the idea of using wireless data and power to all sorts of productivity improvements.

In my New Physics page, I write about the Nine Fields and I describe what I call the Propagation Field; it is the field that we use reliably to transmit data over distances whether they are wireless or in a wire. This is frequently called the Carrier Wave.  The data that we transmit is always modulated and demodulated onto and off a second field; this is the Data Wave or Modulation Field.

What if, instead of putting the power that we want to send in the wire, we put it around the wire.  We still have to send a few milliwatts of current down the wire to activate the fields that we want to use. We are still using the Propagation Field/Carrier Wave, but we are using it around the wire, not in the wire. This is an important distinction. What if, we were able to modulate and demodulate data on the Carrier Wave around the wire? What if, there was no resistance (no Ohm’s Law and/or no heat) in this Carrier Wave around the wire?  What does that do to inductance and impedance? With the absence of resistance, can the Carrier Wave convey more data? Much more data? How about a 10 orders of Magnitude increase?

Alright, we are already sending power in copper wires to every home, office and business in the world.  We all have power companies that provide us electricity. We also have Internet Service Providers who provide us high-speed Internet access through modems and routers; they are using copper or fiber wires. They are sending power and data through those wires/fibers, not around them. There are huge losses of both power and data due to resistance (yes, even in optical fiber).

The next step would be to put data and power around wires to eliminate losses due to resistance. But then, we may find that we can put both data and power around the same wire instead of two different systems of wires. This would give us a redundant way of getting our power and data.

OK. Let’s jump to wireless. Using this same Carrier Wave around the wire (with no resistance), we can continue to modulate and demodulate data on it using the Modulation Field, but the data bandwidth of all frequencies can be greatly increased, even low bandwidth signals like High Frequency, or VHF.

I postulate that there are Nine (9) Fields that are created when electrical current is put into a wire.  Why Nine? That is the Spiritual number of completion.

Let’s get to Field number Three. It, like the Propagation Filed/Carrier Wave, is a Left-Hand rule field. This is where we modulate and demodulate electrical power onto and from. Remember, we are using this field around the wire; there is no resistance. Equally, there is no concept of Watt or Kilowatt or Megawatt and, equally important, there is no concept of Amp; Amps are what kill. I am talking about the digitization of electrical power. 

When the wireless electricity signal is received, it must be removed from the transmission packets, and then, it is returned to watts and amps of familiar power. But, what have we done, when we transmit the digitized electricity, it can be sent a few feet or across an ocean. There is no more need to send electricity as Alternating Current for efficiency over distances. Depending on how we demodulate the digitized power packets, we can create a flow of electricity that is Alternating Current (AC) or Direct Current (DC) or both from a wireless signal.