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  1. Branko Djukic says:

    Dear Sir,

    I fully agree with you that the biggest disadvantage in application of Aqua Vortex Tube is lack of efficient device to generate cheap compressed air flow.
    Since I am impressed by your claim that you have THE WAY, I would be intetested to know more about it. Could you please supply your answers/comment to the following questions:
    1) Do you have corresponding product that I can buy online? (or this is something that is in the stage of development?)
    2) In case if the answer to the above question is negative, what would you need to make it complete and commercialize on the market?

    Looking forward to your soon response. Thank you
    Vietnam, City of Hue

    • Merln says:

      Dear B. Djukic,
      To get up to speed, you must read and think about my New Physics pages. I write about the force of cold being an equal and opposite force to that of heat. Cold in NOT the absense of heat.
      OK. What is heat? At a fundamental level, it is expansion (of molecules and the associated expansion of the electron rings in the affected atoms). The ultimate level of heat we call explosions and their expanding shock waves.
      The cold force is very similar, but in an opposite way; it is implosion or constraction. When something is frozen, it becomes more dense. When the energy to make it cold/contract is removed, it returns to neutral. Same for when something is heated; it too, returns to neutral.
      So…your answer is implosion, but implosion goes well beyond what we call freezing and we have not yet been able to harness the power of implosion.
      When we compress water, air or any other fluid, we are using the cold force/implosion. We make it colder, more dense, like liquid nitrogen/oxygen/helim/hydrogen. Just as I write about a State Change in Air (230 degrees Farhenheit), there are several State Changes beyond very cold liquifiction of gases.
      The question really is, can we do implosion rapidly, like that of a heat explosion? The answer is yes. We can use this new, unknown force to compress anything “explosively.” This is how I would compress air, water or even, metals for greater strength and density.
      My problem is that the world is not yet ready for this very dangerous technology yet; it could be used to make very out-of-control, destructive weaponry.

      To give you an answer that you can use, think of the effort to push water through our pipes. The water company is already paying for 30 pounds per square inch (PSI); that is sufficient to make hot or cold water. For compressed air, there is not enough demand from everyone so we must look at electrical pumps to compress the air; this is done at every mechanic shop in the world when they use pnematic tools. Yes, compressing air is not free, but it is very inexpensive compared to compressing water/liquids.

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