Combo Heater for Both Water and Forced Air

As people all over the world are finding, their power and water can be disrupted or totally interrupted for days, and even, weeks.

I am going to take one of the inventions listed on this site and expand on it in a new direction. See Replace Nuclear Rods to Make Hot Water or Steam and New way to make lots of Heat at almost No Cost.

The concept is straightforward; take a small boiler, something like 5 gallons, put the NaV alloy in it suspended above a circle air bubbler below. This boiler is not a pressurized boiler, but it will be used to make lots of steam. Fill the boiler up to ¾ full and close the filling hole. The top of the boiler will have one ¼ inch stainless steel tubes going up and out of the boiler. This tube will return the condensed water to the boiler.

Steam will be forced (by low pressure) into a tube at the top; it will be for outgoing steam. This tube will return at about the halfway mark for the return of the condensed water. The temperature of the boiling water and steam can be tightly controlled by the amount of air that is being pumped. The amount being pumped will be controlled by a thermostat next to the outgoing steam pipe. When steam is being made, the outgoing stainless steel pipes will rise into a hot water tank. The steam-filled pipe will spiral up in flat arrays to heat the water to a thermostatically set temperature, say 120º F. The number and size of flat arrays will depend on the amount of water to be heated.

At the top of the hot water tank, the steam-filled tube will form a tight (1/4 inch separation) coil of 4 inches within a 6-inch pipe. This coil will descend back down to the return tube on the boiler tank. This forced air pipe will have its own air pump or blower. The forced air pipe can be metal or PCV or whatever is appropriate. The forced air pump will be activated by a thermostat as well. When hot water or hot air is needed, the thermostat controlling the Air Boiler™ will begin pumping air and making steam. That steam will make hot water to a set temperature. The hot steam tubes will be available for hot forced air if needed. If not needed for hot air, the steam will rapidly cool and fall back into the Air Boiler™.

I mentioned that the Air Boiler™ is not pressurized; by that I mean the filling hole is “pressure” closed (like a cork) and can be released or popped open by any excessive steam pressure build-up within the Air Boiler™. The steam heating process of this device does not need any more than 30 PSI; think garden hose or PCV water.

Just to be clear, this technology is a very low-cost method for providing hot water and forced hot air for homes. By low cost, I am talking about the cost of a fish tank aerator to make all your hot water and hot air for heating. This device operates on pumping air up, around, and through this new alloy; the air gets very hot instantly and heats the water. The water turns to steam which heats the water in the hot water tank.  The steam continues to heat the tube in the forced hot air pipe.  Eventually, the steam in the pipe cools, changes state and returns back to the water in the Air Boiler™.

This is a closed system device. The water and air in the air boiler are reused, over-and-over for the process. The air, when it contacts the alloy transforms into a higher heat state using a new principle that does not diminish the mass of either the air or the alloy.

So yes, this is heat without burning fuel; of any kind.

Yes, I know about the Law of Conservation of Energy and the related “Laws.’ They cannot be “Laws” if there is an exception. When were these “Laws” laid down? Perhaps, it was over 100 years ago. Perhaps, we have discovered more since.