The Corner Discussion: Implications!

Our world is composed of three primary dimensions: height, depth & width. We know about this every time we send a package to someone. These three relate directly to the Corner Discussion; height relates to magnetism and gravity, depth relates to light and darkness and width relates to cold and heat.
So… There are six forces embodied in our three dimensions; these are the primal forces of our world.
What does that mean???
Take the concept of bacteria and viruses; we know they exist, we can see them in microscopes and we have treatments for them (at least some). What we do not know is that there are six different kinds of bacteria and viruses based on the six primal forces: Magnetic, Gravitational, Light, Darkness, Cold and Hot/Heat.
This is an entirely new idea and offers an explanation on why various healing modalities use them for different maladies in different ways.
Remember, we are all Energy Beings and we all use these six different energies/forces for everything.
While health is a vital concern, this site is focused on bringing the unseen into the Light. These six forces also apply to our atomic structure; there are electrons, protons and neutrons that have the properties of being of Magnetism, Gravity, Light, Dark, Cold and Hot/Heat. This makes many significant changes in how to use the Periodic Table of the Elements.
As above, so below. Think back to height, depth and width. It also applies to our atoms and molecules and everything we are attempting to build on a nano scale.
It also applies to bits and bytes that we use in our communications and computing and databases. Just imagine, this could be an explanation for the “gremlins” that the Geeks know exist. Wow, you mean there can be six different kinds of bits and bytes and they all have different properties? Yes, but it is even worse; these six different types are also either positive, negative or neutral in their polarity/charge. So, in reality, we have 18 different energies that we are working with; it seems more complex, but it is very structured and the problems can be more easily solved.
Now that you have wrapped your mind around that, it also applies to the six different types of bacteria and viruses; they also have positive (North), negative (South) and neutral (Equatorial) polarities/charges.
Enough for now.
Love, Light and Laughter,