Eliminate Drag Within Pipelines; Increase Throughput by 30%

There is a field that can be generated using an electronic device that has the properties of attaching itself to the walls of the inner pipe.  Once this field is attached, it propagates itself along the pipeline from pipe to pipe as long as the flow in the pipeline is flowing.

This field creates a barrier between the fluid in the pipeline (oil, natural gas, petroleum distillates, cooking oil, etc.) and the inner walls of the pipes.  This barrier allows the fluid in the pipeline to flow without drag against the inner pipe walls; result – a 30 percent increase in the volume of fluid in the pipeline as measured at the distant end for a given period of time.

The wonderful aspect of this Drag Elimination Field is that is can be introduced into any pipeline anywhere in the world at the supply end of the pipeline.  When a maintenance block is needed to inspect or repair a section of pipe, the pipeline can be brought back on-line and the field can be propagated again, at the speed of Light, through the entire pipeline.  This feature allows for security in the operation of this strategic technology; the security to protect the intellectual property of this technology only has to be provided at the supply end of the pipeline, not in-between.  Like all of the technologies on this website, this technology will be a Trade Secret technology that does not desire or require protection under various Patent Protection schemes.

I envision a single company that will operate this technology as a service to pipeline operations everywhere.

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