Heat Transformer™ – Turn Heat into Electricity Directly

Yes, this is another new alloy. This alloy collects heat and allows it to be phase-shifted directly into electricity.
How do solar panels work? They are used to collect the heat from the sun to make hot water and to turn some of the Sun’s rays into electricity (photovoltaic). In both cases, they are using the Infrared spectrum coming from the Sun. Infrared is the part of Sunshine that makes things warm.
This new alloy is specifically designed to collect this heat more efficiently. The other part of the new technology is phase-shifting that heat into electricity without having to put the heat into a steam turbine generator. Yes, no mechanical work is needed; no spinning coils or magnets involved.
Wow! The implications are enormous.
Let’s look at heat. It is a wonderful energy. It is vibrant and full of energy’ the electrons are very excited and bouncing around. It is a very concentrated form of energy.
What I am saying is that Heat, when converted to electricity makes a lot of current flow (electricity). Think about it, when we use electricity to make heat (think baseboard heaters), our electricity bills go up quickly. It is not a very efficient method. The reverse is also true; if we can use heat (a very dense form of energy) and transform it into electricity without all of the mechanical work losses, then, a small amount of heat should produce a large amount of electricity.
The applications of this technology are all over the place. Applying this alloy to what we call “Solar” panels would make the solar panels much more efficient; all of that heat can be translated, directly, into much more electricity. How much more? Say you have a panel that is one-foot square (12″ x 12″); using this technology, that panel will generate many times the rate of 3 watts per hour. Theoretically, a one-foot panel of this new technology could be generating as much as 5 kilowatts per hour in the direct sun.
That is a revolutionary improvement/change!
But wait, this is not just a solar panel; it is a heat collector panel. Say, you live in a warm climate and the “average” temperature is 80° Fahrenheit (F). We tend to call these places Tropical or Sub-Tropical. Sometimes the temperature gets up into the 90s or more. This Heat Transformer™ panel will take any heat and transform it into electricity, even at night. Yes, the ambient temperature can be used to generate electricity; any heat source applies.
So, does this work when it is cold and snowy outside? Not outside, but, yes, close to the fire or other heat sources.
To generate electrical current flow, this technology requires a minimum of 70° F. If you heat your home to 72° F (“Room Temperature”), you can actually use this Heat Transformer™ panel to generate Direct Current (DC) power; not much but better than a solar panel. If you use your oven, place this panel in or near your oven; 150-200° will generate a large amount of power without harming the panel.
What about using this embedded into clothing? Yes. We, Humans, have a baseline temperature of 98.6° F; that is more than enough heat to generate a significant amount of DC current flow. This is more than enough to send to batteries or capacitors to charge our mobile devices and battery packs. No solar panels needed.
If we do bring a Heat Transformer™ panel(s) along with us, it can be used to power up the entire campsite or remote cabin. This is an efficient, decentralized way to generate electricity. Yes, we can easily add an inverter for AC power needs.
Other applications? Many. Think blast furnaces. Think of all the heat being used to make metals. Capture that heat and turn it into electrical power to run the smelters. Think restaurants. Capture all of that kitchen heat and turn it into electricity to lower your operating costs. These massive solar collectors that are used to make steam can be used much more efficiently.
It’s cold out, the power is gone/down, but you have a wood fire or a gas stove. If you have a sleeping bag, you can generate a lot of power while you sleep. Using this technology, you will have all of the power you need to continue living your life.

4 Responses to Heat Transformer™ – Turn Heat into Electricity Directly

  1. TRACY LOISEL says:

    what if we use this alloy to mine bitcoin in the desert?
    bitcoin is very high now, it worth it!

  2. Jo says:

    This tech should be used in a Boring tunnel on mars, possibly in conjunction with a reactor. Test it on the moon. Save mankind here and give mars time to populate.

    • Merln says:

      Yes, I agree. This and the pressure to electricity will change everything in our world.
      On Mars, look up Marines on Mars. They are fighting Martians in tunnels. The Martians do not want us there just as they did not want the Annunaki. The Annunaki were actually driven away after 1000s of years of attempted colonization (the Man on Mars); they came here. Any dream of colonizing Mars is doomed.
      The water and intelligent life have moved down into the interior of Mars. Why? Not sure.

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