5G Frequencies can be Built out Rapidly and Safely for Humans & Animals

As soon as we started getting into the Gigahertz range of data transmissions, people started to get symptoms of energy sickness. At the 2.4 GHz range, it was not much of a problem. At the 5GHz range, more people had problems. When we go to 50 or 100GHz or 500GHz, many more people will have problems and some of them will be severe. The primary reason that we keep going higher and higher in frequencies is because that is how we put more data on our signals; the higher the frequencies, the shorter the distance transmitted (atennuation).

There is a better approach. Instead of beaming these extremely high frequencies with high wattage power requirements, why not use safe frequencies like AM and FM and HF Radio frequencies to be the basis of the “carrier wave?” Using this approach, we can use the existing 4G Cell Towers and AM/FM transmitters as our baseline infrastructure. I am, again, talking about putting the extremely high frequency data (5G, 6G & 7G signals) around the wire where it is not being beamed at you physically. By using the around-the-wired or -wireless signal approach, the high-powered (wattage) signal is phase changed and does not impact/damage your cells like direct, high-frequency/high-power signals do.

Once you have the carrier wave established, 5G and higher data rates can be modulated around the signal; it does not have to be transmitted through the signal (or wire). This can be used to send and receive 100s of Mega Bytes of data, but electrical power as well.

This is a new technology. We do not know how to do this with our existing communications/network technologies. I have all of the details for developing this new technological approach quickly and securely. This is the way to get 5G and more communications out to all (including Rural) of the US quickly and with huge reductions in cost

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