Improved Passwords and Encryption

For security, we hide numbers and letters together using increasingly more complex encryption algorithms.  The primary problem we all have is that encryption today is based, only, on numbers (0-9) and letters (A-Z and a-z).  There are a few special characters that can be used, but most of them are already being used as machine characters in the computer backends.

So… We are trying to protect more and more data will an incredibly small amount of variables; there are 10 numbers and 52 letters and, perhaps, another 20 special characters that can be used for a total of 82 cards in the deck.  With that few cards, it is too easy to start picking up patterns; that is how to break a code.

The answer is quite obvious; add more variables.  But, the keyboard has evolved over 50-60 years and only allows certain ASCII character to be inputted.  yes, I know this expansion of variables will require some software changes, but the hardware keyboards and ATM keypads can stay the same.

So… How does one add variables?  Simple.  Add colors, add textures and add sound bites.  By using one byte (that is 8 bits), 256 additional variables can be added. Just imagine having 256 optional colors to add to your numbers to secure your ATM Card account; this means remembering four colors along with your four numbers. This small change makes the variables for breaking into your account go from 10 to 2,560.  This is something that we should all want ASAP, but there is a larger problem.

How does one add one, or more bytes of data to the 82 variables already being processed; that is a bit tricky and requires a new framework that can work across devices and programs.  I have such a framework to allow adding several bytes of variables to any encryption program or any security apps or programs using passwords.  It is a software change only and it applies across all platforms, programs and devices.

This innovative approach will bring the world of encryption out of the black and white TV days and into the world we have today.  Our machines are much more power than ever; they can handle the additional processing in almost no time. By adding many new variables,  we will make the NSAs of the world and other bad guys work much. much, much harder to break into our accounts and communications.

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