Anti-Fouling Field Eliminates Need for Bottom Paint

Readers of this website already know that I have several new alloys that do different things.  This page is about a new alloy that can be mounted as a transmitter point on the bottom of ship hulls in both fresh and salt water.  This transmitter point generates a field using direct current (DC) electricity from a battery to generate an anti-fouling field along the bottom of the vessel.  This field has an effective radius of 70 feet; one anti-fouling device can keep the hull of a 140 foot vessel totally free of algae, barnacles and all marine growth that “fouls” the hull and creates resistance to the flow of water.  This field extends into the intake ports and prevents oysters and other shellfish from impeding cooling water.

If the vessel is an Aircraft Carrier or a Super Tanker, then more than one will be needed; perhaps an over-lapping field of two at various points along the hull.  This is a very cost-effective idea.  Just imagine, not having to have your vessel hauled out at the yard just to clean the barnacles off or to have a fresh coat of anti-fouling paint applied.  Hell, just imagine not having to paint your hull with that expensive and ecologically damaging stuff in the first place.  Shipping firms, take note.

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