Re-Imagine Ships. Re-Imagine Planes.

We Humans have been using water to float heavy things since the Stone Age. We have developed bigger and better ships to carry all sorts of things. We have ships that will carry a million barrels of oil and aircraft carriers that displace 100,000 tons of water (200 million pounds) and Cruise Ships that will carry 6,000 passengers. We have developed the shipping technology to a high state.
What is the basis for all of this development? Water; it was much easier to move larger quantities of heavy stuff using water. Yes, we have developed ways to move heavy stuff over land with trains and trucks, but not with the distances or freedom of movement. Ships have enabled us to develop worldwide trade that has enriched us all.
In the last 100 years, we have turned our attention to using the air to lift heavy weights. We have many large planes that are used to carry 100s of people, 70 ton tanks, lots of fuel for aerial refueling and many other things. The advantage of using air is less resistance meaning faster journeys and even more freedom of movement. Yes, we must still use airports, but airports can be put almost anywhere. Ship ports require deep water and are limited in number and size.
In a recent movie called “The Avengers,” the film makers treated us all to the concept of a Flying Aircraft Carrier. It was wonderful to imagine and we could see how she was supposed to fly. She used giant fans to lift out of the water and move through the air. A nice concept, but she, at 100,000 tons, is too heavy to be lifted and moved, even by giant fans.
On this site, you can read about alloys that use Direct Current electricity to nullify gravity. One eliminates the weight of any object, no matter how big or large. Theoretically, it could be charged and touched to the side of a fully loaded aircraft carrier and it could be lifted out of the water like it weighed 10 pounds. Yes, it would be too awkward and not practical. But, my point is made. There are ways to make very large ships like Super Tankers, Super Containers and even, Aircraft Carriers nearly weightless. There is another alloy where gravity can be made variable meaning that the heavy object can be made lighter or heavier. For lifting an Aircraft Carrier, we will use the lighter variable. But the variable property is the key. By making the floating ship heavier and heavier, it will sink down to the ground. If it is a very heavy ship, it can be made to be 5 or 10 thousand pounds as it rests on the ground. In a storm, maybe 1000 tons to keep it from being blown around.
Using this variable gravity technology, giant ships can travel through the air using large fans. They can load their cargo anywhere and off load it anywhere; no deep water ports needed. Once this technology is fully developed, we may not need ports at all and the requirement for trucks will be reduced; larger, flying trucks can off load cargo in the air for local distribution. This is what I mean by Re-imagining ships.
Using this same variable gravity technology, airplanes can take off with very heavy cargoes that weigh almost nothing in the air. This will allow them to use short runways, get greater ranges and will put much less stress on the aircraft. So, that is for conventional aircraft. What about the helicopter and tilt-rotor aircraft. They can lift straight up and down nearly anywhere; their biggest limitation has been how much weight they could carry. Using either of these gravity nullification technologies, both of these versatile aircraft will be able to carry unlimited weights using their slings.
While we are re-imagining lets take a look at the car. Many people are actively trying to design and build flying cars. To make it work, they must be quite lite/light and generate a lot of power. So, are they safe in a crash? And, are they significantly range limited? Yes to both. What if, like the Aircraft Carrier, we can make a fully loaded car or SUV or Van or Dump Truck nearly weightless by just applying a bit of DC Power from out batteries.
Just imagine; instead of spending $Trillions on rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, we did not need roads and bridges anymore. I know, even if we started today, the transition to flying cars and trucks and ships will take a while. So, yes, we will have to spend resources on keeping the old infrastructure going while we move to the new.
We are moving into a new place in our world. Re-imagining can begin to happen in many areas.