Cone-Vortex ZPE Generator

This description includes information on the use of cone or vortex fields that could be new information to the scientific world. Science and industry use vortex or conic fields intersected with magnetic fields to produce sounds. Most loud speakers in our televisions, computers and DVD-players use this principle. The world focus has been on the magnets in speakers and the cone field is overlooked except as a means to concentrate sound and light in flashlights.  This new approach seeks to remedy that omission. This approach to generate electricity is a different and expanded application of this principle and is very similar to the creation of a magnetic field on our planet. Of particular interest, the resistance between fields that are caused by intersecting the rotating magnetic and fixed conic fields is barely measurable, but that interaction produces significant levels of electrical power. For the cost of a few hundred watts to power the electric motor rotating the rotor/armature, many thousands of watts of electrical energy can be produced. One implication of this cone generator includes building a nano-generator that could be as small as the atomic or molecular level.  Certainly, from a commercial perspective, very small, very powerful electrical generators can be built. Until we can begin distributing electricity using super-conductivity or using the fields around wires, the limiting factor will be the diameter of the part of the rotor that is used to conduct the generated electrical power to a storage or transmission point.

Like all electric generators, this electric power generator idea uses a magnetic field, but in a different way.  My basic action to generate electrical power comes from intersecting the rotating magnetic field with a conic field.  More specifically, a magnetic field is generated from rotating a dodecahedron (in its most powerful instance) on a conductive rotor or armature.  The dodecahedron should be made of non-metallic material.  As an example, a ceramic dodecahedron can be mounted on/in a steel rod rotor/armature.  By rotating the dodecahedron with an electric motor in a clockwise manner, a magnetic field is created around the dodecahedron.  This magnetic field flows in the direction of the rotation. By intersecting this magnetic field with the field of a correctly shaped, fixed cone, electrical power is produced from the right end of the rotating dodecahedron. It is critical that the centerline of the axis of the cone must be aligned with the dodecahedron center point.  The diameter of the sphere enclosing a dodecahedron used on the rotor must be at least equal to the one-half the diameter of the base of a cone being used for the conic field.

Part of the rotor or armature must be made from conductive materials such as, but not necessarily, metals.  The complete rotor/armature need not be made of the same material or be the same diameter.  As the diameter and weight of the armature increase, the diameter and size/power of the electrical motor will also increase and frictionless ball bearings or an electromagnetic field may have to be employed to enclose the rotating rotor/armature.

This cone generator is, theoretically, a very efficient approach to accessing the zero-point energy (ZPE) that is available in unlimited quantities throughout our Universe.  This ZPE potential is available under water and underground with or without the presence of air or oxygen.  With careful engineering, this generator can be made small enough and has the efficient power capacity to be placed in every home, multiple dwelling, business, factory, car, truck, bus, trolley, subway, boat, locomotive, ship or aircraft.

I retain all right to this idea.  There is much more to this idea; if interested contact me.

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    If you read through these ideas, you will get an understanding of just how revolutionary and disruptive that they are. In our current environment, trying to bring these ideas into the world would make many, serious enemies; think big oil, bit electrical utility companies, even the battery companies.

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  2. Vivian says:

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