“Melt” Rock into a liquid and mold it like concrete

This is a technology that off-world Aliens or Ancient Astronauts allowed our ancestors to use to build large stone structures.  When these Aliens left, they took this technology with them.

Normally, whenever the phrase “Melt Rock” is used, it means melting by applying heat.  Heat is involved in this process, but it is chemically released heat from the chemical process; no externally supplied heat is required.  This process involves disintegrating the rock using specific frequencies in a co-sine wave configuration and then re-integrating the rock using specific frequencies in a sine wave configuration.  This is a phase shift-based energy technology.

The rock, concrete or metal is dis-integrated using co-sine radio wave vibrations.  The resulting dis-integrated material is a powder, much like cement before water is added.

These dis-integrated powders hold special chemical-energetic properties.  When water (H2O) or other liquids are added and the correct sine radio wave frequencies are used, the rock, concrete and metal powders with re-integrate forming hard, crystalline products that we typically call “Granite” or “Limestone” or “Sandstone”.  Using this technology, the ancients “molded” rocks into very specific shapes with hard, very precis edges and flat, smooth surfaces.

When the ancients wanted to move these “molded” rocks, they used another Ancient Astronaut technology called the Blue Rod (see the Blue Rod page).

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