Weight Transformer™ – Turn Pressure/Gravity into Power

We all know that if you go down into a mine, the temperature goes up; we assume that the temperature rises because we are getting closer to the “molten” core or the Earth. What if that assumption was wrong? A friend of mine had his incoming city water pipes buried 6 feet down in his front yard; what this did for him was to have his incoming water at a stabilized temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. It did not matter whether the temperature outside was below freezing or a scorching 90 degrees; taking that hot bath or making ice cubes got a lot cheaper.
Alright. If pressure is somehow responsible for producing heat in the Earth, can we use this technological principle to produce heat that we can use? We already are, take my example above; somehow, water has an intrinsic capability of using the pressure of 6 six down to maintain a constant temperature. I know, it is the insulation property of the Earth, stupid. But wait, insulation keeps the temperature stable; it does not add to or subtract heat energy.
Then, there is the pressure cooker; we have been using pressurized air to cook things and sterilize things faster and better for a long time. Every can of vegetables you open has been pressure cooked. My point here is that we already know that pressure has energetic properties and are using them. “Live” or pressurized steam was one of our earliest industrial engines and is still used today.
So…My process is to ask if we can do something better or if something is possible. I channel Nikola Tesla and he gives me a yes or a no. If I get a Yes, I am invited to keep asking. Today, I responded to an image of a house with 4 feet of snow on its roof and asked if there was a way to use the weight of the snow to generate heat that could be used to melt it. I got a big YES.
This became a realization that anything that has significant weight can be used to generate heat; even the slab foundation of our houses and apartment/office buildings. OK. What is the mechanism for tapping into this pressure heat? Simple, an alloy. I have been lead to several different alloys that have different properties on this web site. There is the alloy that gets cold when you put DC current into it and the alloy that gets heavier (or lighter) when you put DC current into it and the alloy that is a room-temperature superconductor. Now, there is an alloy that generates heat from pressure; just imagine, free heat from something heavy. Maybe we can generate free heat or electricity from our coffee cup holder/warmer? This is an alloy that uses pressure or gravity to generate heat which will have many uses. Put this under or in your sleeping bag and you will be warm wherever you are.
Before reading further, please read my Heat Transformer™ page; it describes an alloy and process to convert heat into electricity directly (instantly).
I will now dive into using Pressure or Gravity to generate DC Power. This is yet another alloy that is different but has similar properties. It collects pressure, gravity, or weight of any object and converts it into DC electricity. This applies to the snow on the roof, a pail of water, a pile of stones, or, yes, you in your sleeping bag. It has many more implications when it is applied to the concrete foundation of a large office, retail, or manufacturing building.
Pressure/Gravity/Weight is like Heat, in my Heat Transformer™ discussion; it is a very dense form of energy. Just think how much effort it takes to pick up heavy objects and move them around. What I am saying is that like Heat, Weight can be converted to large amounts of electrical power.
Here is an example of a simple product. It is a coffee mug coaster or warmer, but it generates the power it needs solely by the weight of the mug (no USB or wall socket charging). This device has a slow-release capacitor of my design which is able to quickly store 60 amps (60,000 milliamps). This capacitor is able to hold its charge for more than a year. This Super Duper Capacitor™ can use this Weight Transformer™ technology to be fully charged in about 20 minutes, even with an empty mug. Yes, the mass of an object is a large store of energy. So, not only is this a coffee cup warmer, but it is also a charger for your phone and other devices. The capacitor is a wonderful variable charging and discharging technology that can charge phones very quickly. It will, likely, replace the batteries in phones, tablets, and laptops shortly.
I alluded to an alloy that gets heavier (or lighter) when DC Current is applied. This is used extensively in my Re-Imagine Ships and Planes page. This alloy also applied here; it can make any object heavier. More weight equals more electrical power generated.
More winning!