New Physics

I have a distant cousin who got very famous because he invented “Electro-Magnetism.” His name is James Clark Maxwell and he is known for his “Maxwell’s Equations.” Prior to the publication of his Equations, there was no information on the study of Electro-Magnetism;he invented the science of Electronic Engineering almost single-handedly.

His Equations were published in the 1870s, but he actually started receiving them when he was 18 years old. They were all “channeled” to him. All of them contained new information that the world did not have. There was no Professor that Maxwell learned them from.

I do not know if it the similarity of our genes or not, but I, too, get a lot of “channeled” information as well. This site is full of new technologies which cannot be made using our existing scientific and manufacturing technologies.

I intend to start sharing some of those pieces of knowledge that the world does not have yet. I will publish them on this website in a page called, New Physics.