Flash Heat™ – Better than Nuclear Energy

No New Nuclear Reactor Rods – No New Spent Rods

A new High Heat source alloy has been developed which can be used to replace nuclear reactor rods in ALL nuclear power plants. This alloy is composed of Sodium (Na), Vanadium (V), and several other elements at trace amounts. I call it a Sodium-Vanadium (NaV) alloy. Instead of Flash Freezing, it Flash Heats. Important alloys have names like Steel or Brass; this alloy shall be named Flash™.
When this alloy is exposed to air, it heats the air to 110°Celsius or 230° Fahrenheit INSTANTLY. This is something brand new, it is a change in state for air that is similar to water turning to steam. Instead of Steam or Steaming, this change of state will be called Flash or Flashing. This can be demonstrated.
How to replace nuclear reactor rods? Suspend this Flash™ ( NaV) alloy in a water tank and place an air pump aerator at the bottom of the tank. Pump air up and through the Flash™ toroids. As the air touches the Flash™ alloy, it becomes 110°/230° instantly. It heats the water rapidly to steam (100°/221°).
Using this method, unlimited quantities of steam can be made for the cost of a fish tank aerator/bubbler. This is at least ten orders of magnitude (likely 100) less costly than nuclear power; no mining of uranium, no enrichment, no very costly security, transportation, storage, and destruction expenses. Also, no additional Spent Rod storage and destruction costs.
The control of the heat being produced is totally dependent on the amount of air being pumped. There is no possible chance of a nuclear meltdown.
This Flash™ alloy is an obvious replacement for all large, expensive nuclear power plants; the rods can be quickly and easily replaced by Flash™ toroids. No more radiation. No more contaminated water. No more storing of spent rods on-site for decades. Something must be done about the spent rods; contact me for a solution for that problem. See Re-use, Re-enrich Spent Nuclear Rods.
Other applications are for nuclear power plants in ships and submarines. This also applies to power plants in satellites, space stations, Moon, Mars, and other Space Bases.
It also applies to heating water tanks (making steam) in apartment buildings, factories, office buildings, trains, and trucks/lorries.
That is just using this Flash™alloy to heat water. It can also be used as a forced-air heat method, but that will have to be engineered with safety features. Some mix of added cold air and/or suspension in water will have to be devised.
Think of all the wealth that is being spent on hydrocarbons? Fuel oil, natural gas, and others. This is a zero-carbon monoxide/dioxide emissions technology that is much more efficient than wind, solar, or wave alternative technologies.
This is overused, but this development is a revolutionary advancement in heating technology for man and womankind.

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