Aqua Vortex Tube – Make Hot and Cold Water using Free Water Pressure

The vortex tube, also known as the Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube, is a mechanical device that separates a compressed gas into hot and cold streams. It has no moving parts.

Vortex Tube
                                   Vortex Tube

This is a curious device that uses compressed air as the energy source and makes cold air (coming out the left side) and hot air (coming out the right side).

See the Wikipedia article at:

Even though one can make instant hot or cold air with this device, it is not considered efficient because no-one has come up with an efficient device to make compressed air. 

I am an American and we have water pressure in most locals within the United States that is standardized at 30 pounds per square inch (PSI).  I am not sure about the rest of the world, but most places probably have something similar.  My point here is that when most of us turn on our water faucets or outside garden hoses, we get pressurized water; we are already paying for it.

As we have this “free” energy, I turned my inventiveness on how to make modifications to the above “vortex tube” so that it could be used to make instant hot and cold water; no electrical “heating” elements or refrigeration needed.

My new Aqua Vortex Tube uses the same approach but is significantly different in that it uses water (or other liquids) and can be designed for hot water only, cold water only or both hot and cold water.  With this new device, depending on the pressure behind the water (we are using 30 PSI), “room” temperature water at 72ºFahrenheit can be instantly made into 180º very hot water.  This very hot water can be moderated by adding cold water into the line before use if desired.  Equally, 72º water can be made into very cold water that forms ice cubes instantly.

This Aqua Vortex Tube is so efficient at making hot and cold water that it will require a minor change in plumbing to accommodate hot water tubing around the cold exit pipe and cold water tubing around the hot exit pipe but that could be incorporated into the same device commercially.

This device can be used in the home, in restaurants, offices, and industrial/manufacturing facilities.  It can also be used on boats, ships, yachts, trains, and aircraft of all varieties that use or dispense water or other “drinks.”

Just imagine, no water heater or refrigerator or freezer is needed, just already free, water pressure.  In the Tropics or summer months, this device will cut significant electricity costs when making ice cubes.

This device is also ideal for oil and natural gas pipelines that must be heated in cold climates for efficient transit.

A new friend to this site has requested a link back on related reasons for no hot water in the house. Many will find this useful in the coming cold.

21 Responses to Aqua Vortex Tube – Make Hot and Cold Water using Free Water Pressure

  1. Ronald Reaves says:

    I am very interested in your hot and cold water device. How many gallons per minute can it produce with 30 psi? I have a need for thousands of these units immediately so I would greatly appreciate a rapid response. I have access to mass manufacturing to help with production if necessary.

    • Merln says:

      This, too, can be released for manufacturing in short order. These can be made from strong, food grade plastic, but it must be able to withstand 45 PSI minimum and up to boiling water temperatures. Perhaps stainless steel may be better. Like the Cone2Cone valve device and the Improved Ball Bearings, the Aqua Vortex Tube can be manufactured using 3D Printing, probably (I believe it can be done).
      Using 30 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch), whatever your flow rate is now, the Vortex Tube will accommodate that flow in either hot water, cold water or a mix of each. Call it 2 gallons/minute, but very similar to filling a bucket with your hose.
      The Vortex devices can be stand alone and inserted into the hot and cold water lines, or it can be a more complex combo unit; either way local laws may require the units to be installed by a plumber.
      Having said that, remember, this does not require any electricity to make hot or cold water (it uses water pressure) and a DYIer could install these after turning the water flow off.
      The Aqua Vortex Tube units are either tuned for hot or cold water and a combo unit would use one of each tuned units; Hot ones could be red and cold ones, blue.
      Email me on the proposed unit manufacturing cost, licensing fee and unit cost. Review the size and complexity of a hot air Vortex Tube; this will be similar, but will fit under the kitchen sink or other cabinets or, alternatively, down by the water intake area in the basement or utility closet.
      One last point, more pressure makes the water colder or hotter; you can make boiling or steaming hot water or make ice cubes much more quickly (water coming out at 33 degrees F). These devices will revolutionize hot and cold beverage service as well. All you need is water pressure that you are getting free from the water utility you are now using. Yes, it can be used to revolutionize refrigeration, without gas compression/compressors, as well.
      I have a cistern with a bladder pump that is set for 45 PSI all of the time; this technology is readily available for everyone.

  2. Erik Hendriks says:

    What would the “icecubes” look like? Snow/Hail/bigballs?
    Can you contact me for this device and how to get it working making “snow”.?

    • Merln says:

      Yes, the pressurized, nearly freezing water can be “sprayed” out as a fine mist and can be used to make various kinds of snow. Depending on how cold the atmosphere is, this device could be used to create “powder,” not just snow.
      The trick would be having a heated tank of water as in a vehicle with a gasoline or diesel engine (for the heat). Up slope, the heated water tank(s) could be built in to buildings or underground piping; six (6) feet down, the earth temperature is 50 degree Fahrenheit all year long. This technology could be used to open the slopes sooner and keep them open longer.

  3. Ray Wilcox says:

    Doesn’t volume need to compress and expand to get cold? I just retired and have time to play around with things that fascinated me fro years ago. I would love to look into this only for my curiosity. Thanx-ray

    • Merln says:

      Hi Ray, look up how the original vortex tube operates; it produces heat or hot air. It is using compressed air and has some expansion in the process. I took that baseline model and modified to work with another fluid – water, that is also under pressure. You are right, there is a different approach for how cold water is made vs hot. So, yes, there are two versions; hot and cold. This variation in how to produce cold fluid is also applicable to the original vortex tube (1923) for making cold air.

      So. Thank you for making me think it through. This is another revolution in air conditioning and freezing air; I was just focused on making hot and cold water. Think other fluids like coffee/tea makers that brew first, but don’t keep heating. This fluid technology would allow the coffee to be served hot (or cold) without having to be microwaved (or ice cubes).

      On the gas side, I suppose that the new vortex tube approach could be used to liquefy oxygen and nitrogen much more economically. A double-walled scuba tank could also hold a lot more liquefied air; be smaller or allow longer dives. Of course, this applies to space walks as well. This would tie into my alloy that takes the carbon out of carbon dioxide/monoxide and allows the oxygen to be re-breathed efficiently.

    • Dave czar says:

      Sounds awesome, I just learned about vortex tubes for heating gas inside a pipeline. I was curious to see if these could be used for water and I came upon this site, my question is how do I get one? I have several uses for something like this if I knew how to find it, thanks

      • Merln says:

        Hi Dave, Several people have asked me for versions of the Aqua Vortex Tube. All of these technologies have had to wait until we got fully into Aquarian Energies. We are there now and I expect that the Fluid Dynamics Vortex Tube (to include hot and cold air, hot and cold water and hot and cold other liquids/gases)will be out into the world by this time next year. Just think, make natural gas into liquid natural gas (LNG) without expensive, additional compression and without miles of pipes.

  4. Dave czar says:

    Ok,thank you, will they be available through this site? I would love to use these for my water heater, and possibly a pool or hot-tub? I will keep my eyes open for when they are available. Thanks for the reply!

  5. L Hope says:

    Any update on the Aqua Vortex Tube?

    • Merln says:

      Yes. it is on the list to be brought out into the world as soon as the world is ready for it. My problem is that I do not have, nor believe in Patents. So, I must wait until I have success in one technology before I can fund others. I, like Tesla before me, am an idea man. Tesla had to hook up with Westinghouse and later, Morgan, to get funding for his technologies and he brought many technologies into our world.

      If I can bring any of these technologies into the world, I will have all of the funding needed to bring the others along. Somehow, I have been given this rare talent to pull technologies from a creative source. At some point, providence will allow me to do something with them.

      If you have any ideas, share them? Either this way or via my email.

  6. Russell Taylor says:

    would it be possible to use the cooling to cool say pc components. dump the hot side and use the cold side to cool

    • Merln says:

      Dear Russell Taylor,
      Yes, gold water from from an Aqua Vortex Tube can be used for cooling anything, but there are two other technologies on this site that
      would probably do what you are looking to do in a better, more efficient, more cost effective manner.
      I have an alloy that gets colder when you put DC Current into it; like the opposite of an electric stove burner. By forcing air flow over this variable cold alloy, it (the air) could be cooled very efficiently. The biggest problem is that air, normally, has some level of humidity and that moisture would freeze to the alloy; this would require some form of heat designed into the cold alloy and a water collection tray. A great way to collect potable water from the atmosphere.
      The other approach is to eliminate heat from electronics by putting the current flow around the wire (copper or solder) whether it is a wire or chip/circuit board. Everyone know/appreciates that heat is the enemy of electronic devices; using this approach provides the current flow, but without the heat (No Ohm’s Law).

  7. Mark Jenkins says:

    Hi Merlin,

    I am looking into thermodynamics for hot water from the outside air or even form just different air passing over a panel with Air con gas running through the vains .
    Only issue is the electric req to run the compressor and immersion heater back up to kill the bugs in stored water units.
    Your plan to get hot water from the water pressure sounds a great idea with electric supply to run a pump etc so a great cost saving plus hits the eco spot.
    I am a heating mechanical service and install company based in UK Dorset.
    I would be very interested in more info and cost of vortex unit.

    • Merln says:

      Mark, Thank you for your interest. I get a lot of hits on this technology. You do know about the Hot Air Vortex Tuve invented by a Frenchman in the 1920s? You should be able to buy that now from several sources. Using my approach, that can be modified to make cold air instead of hot. It is a still different approach to use pressure to make hot or cold water (coffee/tea/whatever).
      As we are all seeing, the Universe is making us all slow down and re-think how and why we are doing everything. There is a huge energy shift going on everywhere, not just Brexit and/or Covid. This technology, and most of the rest on my site, have had to wait for this new energy to come into the world. Almost done, in January 2022. You will note that it will be incredibly disruptive to existing hot water heater technologies; free hot water? No electric heat, natural gas, or propane required? Who would believe you?
      Soon, I will be able to give you a cost and where to buy these wonderful new devices. As you are an electrical worker, be sure to read about my re-design of the electric motor and generator; I use nested coils made from a new coil alloy. What if you could get 20 or 30 times the electrical current flow out of a generator (with every rotation)? Yes, more energy to turn the armature/stator, but about 3-5 times harder. The electric motor will use about a tenth of the current as is being used now.
      Be sure to check out my no-moving parts generator, new-improved leat-acid battery, and supercapacitor. You probably do not believe me, but I have a new alloy that makes air 110 degrees Centigrade (hotter than steam) on contact. This will be the new boiler using a fish tank bubbler pumping air. This is a replacement for nuclear power, but it is also an important tool for HVAC people everywhere.They are all big changes to how we do things now.
      I lived in Bedfordshire for two years, but never consciously visited Dorset; I was in the US Air Force
      at RAF Chicksands. I think it is all closed up now.

  8. Free all says:

    This has been created by nexflow

    Does a Vortex Tube Work with Liquids?

    This question comes up occasionally and surprisingly the answer is yes, but not like how you may think. One explanation put forward is that this happens because normally a liquid used has a vapor pressure. You reduce the hydrostatic pressure below this vapor pressure in the center of the vortex tube causing the fluid to flash and form a vapor bubble along the central axis in the vortex. However, this bubble will collapse as it exists the cold end. If there is any temperature difference at all, it may be hardly measurable.

    Tests that actually have been done show that a temperature difference can be created using liquid instead of gas but, it will heat up, not cool.

    R.T. Balmer did experiments with water as a working fluid in a vortex tube [R. T. Balmer, ASME J. Fluid Eng.110, 161 (1988)]. The water inlet water temperature was about 20 degrees C, and the hot end got as high as 50 C, while the cold side achieved a temperature of 25 C (Still heated up!).

    So using a vortex tube with liquids for heating may have some potential as yet to be identified…… maybe!

    • Merln says:

      It depends on how the vortex tube is configured. A Vortex tube being used to create hot air is not the same configuration as a Vortex Tube being used to create hot or cold liquid (water, coffee, liquified natural gas, etc.). The same underlying technology applies, but subtle changes must be applied. The experimenter must understand and make accommodations accordingly.

  9. Hi

    I interestingly had exact the same idea after thinking about regular air vortex tubes.

    You are talking about patent rights etc but why dont you sell your idea to companies who have the resources and money to mass produce this? If you google on selling ideas you can find plenty of them. They will pay uou out with royalties or other ways that you prefer.

    I would love to see those things here in Holland.


    Evert Huisman
    The Netherlands

    • Merln says:

      Dear Evert,

      Thank you for your kind words/thoughts. We are in the final year of transition from Pisces to Aquarius. As of August 30th, the Dark side (fear, force, and control) has 20% of the power (will not be getting more) and the Light side has 60% (power). By October 30th, the Light side will have 80%. This is a huge shift in power/powre; the Dark side had 80% of the power for 10,800 years and everything was driven by fear, force, and control.

      My technologies have been blocked by the Dark side, but that is failing/falling away. Not sure when, but good things may happen after October 30th, but may have to wait until January 1st (when we officially enter Aquarius).

      I do not trust these sites that help inventors; they are all tied into the Dark side and tend to steal anything that is valuable. I do not trust the world’s Patent Offices as they too have been bought by the Dark side. Aquarian energies are dominated by the female and there is no one way of doing things anymore. Credentials and belonging to the right club or party will no longer be supported. More freedom, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility, and doing the right things will become the new norm. Corruption, stealing, and theft will not be supported in the new energies; there will be far less.

      Today, even if I had a wonderful patent(s), big companies can steal my technology and I would have to sue them for breach of patent. Such lawsuits take 10 years to litigate and cost tens of millions of dollars/euros, etc. They would run me out of money or would lose and be forced to pay me $5 million (or less). Meanwhile, they have made much more on stealing my technologies. The old systems are rigged toward the Dark side.

      That is all changing in January 2023; or during 2023. For whatever reason, all of my technologies are of this new, Aquarian sort. I have been inventing since 2002; it has been a long wait. I am looking forward to bringing as many, and as quickly as possible into the world. My electrical generation technologies will be wonderful for Europe; it is going to be a difficult winter.


  10. Hi Merln,

    Thanks for your extensive reply. Yes I agree that most world changing inventions tend to purposely get lost or forfotten( John Keely, Victor Schauberger, gravity control etc) because of powers not wanting to loos control, power or money. Thats why I stopped researchers these topics. I believe that also in 2023 this wont change as people dont change.

    Your idea for feeding DC current to create cold is interesting as I have researched that aswell. I guessed that certain alloys would make that possible. Having such item as personal cooling during hot sunmmers would be neat 🙂

  11. I also have been thinking of using electricity or vibration to iron othes. I mean without heat. This wouldnt be really disruptive but still make alot of people happy that hate ironing.

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