Electrically-Powered Fields

We think we know a lot about the Magnetic Field; we have been using it for more than a century to make electric motors and generators. We know about the “right-hand-rule” that says the direction of current flow generates the magnetic field around the wire in a counter-clockwise manner; just like our planet orbits its axis and how we orbit our Sun.

There are several more field that we use, but do not know much about. Add to that; there are several more variations of fields that we a “clueless” about. As an example, when we transmit a signal, you know, connecting to WiFi, we are told that we are using the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum. Yes, it is true, we use electricity and magnets to generate the sine waves or cycles-per-second (Hertz) or the carrier wave that we put our data on. Yes, we can put data on sine waves at billions of Hertz (2.4 and 5 Gigabytes per second)l

OK, But…..We send this carrier wave with all of it’s data out over a copper wire to an aluminum antenna. Oh, these carry the magnetic field and transmit them into the atmosphere.

Wait a moment. Neither copper or aluminum are magnetizable. So… there is a field that we are using, but is it the Magnetic Field?

Could it be another field that is created when current is put into a wire? If so, how many fields are created? Are the fields in the wire or around it or both. Are they going around the wire counter-clockwise or clockwise or both? Are they 90 degree fields or 45 degree fields or both? Can data be vectored in these fields? These is much that is not known by our Science.