Eliminate Ohm’s Law (Heat) in Circuit Boards

No Heat in Electronic Devices;

Flow Electrons Around the Copper;

Ohms’ Law Does Not Apply

Ohm’s Law only applies when you flow electrical current through a wire. There is another way; flow the electrical current around the wire, NOT THROUGH IT. and eliminate the primary cause of electronic device failure – HEAT.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 03, 2010 –
Everyone knows that when you flow electrical current in a wire, a magnetic field is created while the current is flowing; it’s called the “right-hand rule.”  Well guess what Pilgrim, there is more than one field created around the wire when current is passed through it.  This press release is about the second field created.  Of great usefulness is our understanding of the magnetic field; we have done marvelous things with it and it is a core technology for our civilization.  OK, let’s not detract from it’s use, but it is time to introduce a new aspect of electrical current flow.  By flowing one micro-amp or less of alternating current through a copper or steel wire, the magnetic field is created; a weak one, but it is present. By creating the magnetic field, we are also creating another field.  Let’s call this the Maxwell field after a distant cousin already famous for his equations.

Formal scientific training often tends to narrow  viewpoints of what is possible; I know how to access this field and bring forth a needed solution to our global bandwidth problem.

Our current belief is that our communications bandwidth is determined by the amount of Hertz or cycles per second and power levels.  A 5.6 GHz signal can carry much more modulated data than an 1800 KHz signal in the AM Band. We have long established rules and laws that we follow to make WiFi and fiber optics work.  And yet, we are running out of bandwidth.

Here is the solution.  Use this untapped Maxwell field around the wire.  As there is no heat loss, this Maxwell field can carry Gigabytes of data around the thinnest copper wire.  Imagine sending ultra-high broadband signals over twisted pair, cable or embedded home/business power lines. Now expand your vision a bit further and send electrical power, as much as needed, over that same tiny twisted pair wire; again, in this same Maxwell field.

This is something new and all of the creative approaches we used to develop our electrical grid and communications NETGRID will apply here as well.  We have already figured out how to maximize our data over wire and we can directly apply those technologies along with digitization to sending very large amounts of data and power over tiny copper or steel wires. This Maxwell field dynamic also applies directly to fiber optics with light in them.

In the last 100 years, most parts of the planet have had phone lines, power lines or fiber deployed.  Now, with this new technology, that infrastructure can be used to carry broadband data and power.

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