Spacecraft Shields like the Starship Enterprise

Many of us grew up watching Star Trek and the adventures of the Starship Enterprise. In another page on this site, I have described a new technology that is very similar to the “Phaser” that could stun or kill as a sidearm or a rifle for longer range.

This page is all about a “Shielding System” similar to the Shields Up technology of the Starship Enterprise. This technology uses Uranium 238 rods that are used in our Nuclear Power Plants, and ships and submarines. What we do with these rods is to use them to generate heat to make hot water/steam efficiently. What we are really doing is forcing the nuclear material to release all of it’s electrons, even to converting Protons into electrons. This creates a very “needy” material which will take electrons from anywhere it can. This is why storing spent rods is such a difficult problem.

To make an efficient shielding system for protecting spacecraft from enemy attackers, it is essential that we have a way to generate a large number of electrons. Using U-238 rods is an ideal material for this purpose.

On another page on this site, I explain how we can take spent nuclear rods and recycle or reuse them over and over again. Using this technology, the spent rods can be brought back to 99% Enrichment quickly and easily. By deploying this re-enrichment technology aboard a spacecraft, nuclear rods can be the basis for the shielding system which will be much more efficient than the shielding system used aboard the Star Trek Starships. The Re-Enriched Rods can be set up to pick up the electron load as the shield degrades from enemy attacks.

You say, we need the nuclear rods for nuclear fission at our power plants and aircraft carriers and submarines. Not true, see my page on replacing U-238 rods with sodium-vanadium toroids to create a state change in air to super heat water. We see this state change in air in Nature, during Volcanic Eruptions; it is called Pyroclastic Flows.

So… I have a much more efficient replacement for the nuclear rods and a wonderful, new use for all of the current and spent rods in very expensive storage and transportation systems.

For those of you who do not know, the US Congress has recently established the US Space Force; like it created the US Air Force in 1947. If you search You-Tube on USS (United States Ship) Starships, you will find out about 12 USS Space vessels that are already operational.

Guess what? These 12 Starships need an effective shielding system.

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