Energy Crystals

This is a take on what the people of Atlantis had, before their destruction. It is a crystal, but, it is also an alloy. All smelted metals have a crystalline structure after cooling. I call this a Crystal because it uses a fair amount of silicon in its manufacture.

Elsewhere, on this site, I describe a 50 Megawatt Induction Container; it, too, is a new alloy with a property for storing large amounts of Direct Current (DC) electricity. I just posted a new page on a High-Wattage Capacitor alloy that charges and discharges rapidly, but stores many more joules. These two technologies can work well together.

Another piece of the puzzle is my no-moving parts electrical generator which can generate many megawatts of power from a relatively small footprint. This provides the power generation for the large capacity induction container which will feed the Hi-Wattage Capacitor. Wow, this is a huge amount of electrical potential; how can this be used?

Also, on this site, I describe my version of an electro-magnetic rail gun; it uses my Non-Ferrous, Super Magnetic alloy, my Room-Temperature Super-Conductor and my coil alloy. My rail gun is rapid fire and small enough to be put on a light tank or Striker vehicle. It is also small enough to put onto an AC-130.

OK. What else? This massive electrical potential can be used to create bands of light that can be focused by the new, Crystal Energy alloy; it is transparent and can be shaped, in very complex ways, to refract an energy beam.

This energy beam can be described as a laser beam, but it is much more. It can be heat or kinetic or both. It can be a magnetic attractor or repelor beam. It can be used to send data or power or both (around the beam). The beams can be broad area and point target simultaneously. The amount of power available, combined with its kinetic properties eliminates the laser bloom effect in the atmosphere.

We tend to think magnetism only works on ferrous metals; not true. On this site, I have alloys that attract (and repel) sodium, hydrogen and water. Other alloys with similar properties can be developed. Gravity and Magnetism are binary opposites like dark and light or hot and cold.