Wireless AC Powerbeam Technology

Wireless alternating power (AC) transmitted through the air or space.

This page introduces the reader to a new concept in electrical power technology – wireless alternating power (AC) transmitted through the air. This technology has many applications and is essential for the Aerospace Power Network concept which envisions collecting electrical power from solar collectors in space and beaming that power down to Earth or to other satellites or space stations in space. The Aerospace Power Network also envisions applications where Earth-based electrical power is “beamed” to satellites, space stations and, potentially, air-breathing platforms, such as high altitude, long endurance reconnaissance aircraft, or, even, electric powered commercial/military jet aircraft.

This wireless power beam technology is a new, untried approach that uses a unique, direct current (DC) powered, cone antenna to modulate working levels of 110 – 220 volt or higher voltage alternating current onto a radio frequency (RF) carrier wave. The focus on this release is on line-of-sight radio transmissions. This technology can be expanded into the Medium and High Frequency bandwidths but would require bandwidth aggregation techniques to accommodate high electrical power and data throughput. The bandwidth of data and AC power that can be carried will be dependent on the frequency of the RF carrier wave.

As background, the reader should know that transmitting AC electrical power through the air is not a new idea and was successfully demonstrated by Tesla in Colorado Springs over 100 years ago. Tesla was able to demonstrate that he could wirelessly light incandescent light bulbs and power electrical motors as much as 25 miles (40 kilometers) from his transmitter.

We believe we have a unique approach that parallels Tesla’s approach, but we are applying it to line-of-sight RF frequencies that include Very High Frequencies (VHF), Ultra High Frequencies (UFH), Super High Frequencies (SHF) and Extremely High Frequencies (EHF) which include microwave and the various satellite communications bands. We also believe that our approach, slightly modified, is also applicable to Medium (MF) and High (HF) frequencies as well, but these frequencies would generate a sky wave and a ground wave and would be suitable for transmitting and receiving AC power (and data communications) for commercial and consumer utilization in homes and businesses.

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