Turn Natural Gas, Propane and Methane into Food

Turn Natural Gas, Propane or Methane into Amino Acid/Enzymes and then, Food

With the Earth Changes happening, wild weather will be hard on our crops worldwide. What are we going to do for food? Answer: Use Natural Gas, Propane and Methane as the source of amino acids/enzymes to make protein, carbohydrates and fats.

PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 10, 2011 –
We use natural gas as fuel for our furnaces and engines; it keeps us warm, cooks our food and powers transportation engines.  The natural gas industry has discovered huge new sources deep underground.

This is a new process and device for transforming natural gas, propane and methane into amino acids and enzymes.  It takes pressurized, liquid gas and transforms the hydro-carbons and nitrogen into a soup of amino acids and enzymes that can be used to make meat, starches and fat.  This process/device can be used in focused variables to produce only proteins, carbohydrates or fats.

This is a break-through for making the building blocks of food from abundant supplies of hydro-carbon gases.  There is more work in making these amino acids/enzymes into food that we recognize as steaks and potatoes, but nutritional soups can be made quickly and cheaply to feed large numbers of people in emergencies.

With a little more work, we can take various mixes of proteins and fats to make our favorite beef steak, lobster, chicken and fish or something brand new.  Texture and flavor will be a challenge, but computerized software will be able to take these raw building blocks and create a sumptuous steak or lobster dinner with Bearnaise sauce or butter with red or white wine and desert; just like they did on Starship Enterprise.  Just imagine, ordering a fully cooked meal in your home or office from your Build-a-Meal-from-Scratch device using a keypad, your local network or you Smart Phone.

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