Alloys with New, Different Properties

Since the Stone Age, Mankind has been using metals to make his life easier; metal tools can be molded, filed, bent, made into wire, and, yes, sharpened into blades. First we made copper tools, then, bronze with tin (or brass with zinc), then, a huge advance to iron and steel and, finally aluminum and many different alloys of steel.

At each step in this journey, the metal alloys gave us different and improved properties along the way. Today, could we function without the electron flow properties of copper or the magnetic properties of iron/steel or the lite-weight properties of aluminum?

This is a new parent page for all of the new, different alloys that I am bringing into the world. Many of these alloys have very different properties to those that we have seen, but just think, how wonderful stainless steel is compared to “normal” steel or iron.

Please keep an open mind; this is a form of Alchemy that starts with the question, “Is there an alloy that can be made to do THIS?”

Here are the answers to those questions: