Increase range of Missiles, Artillery Shells and Bullets by 5 Times (5x)

Normally, I don’t ask questions about making things that go boom better, but why not? If I can come up with a way to extend the range of an A-10 Warthog’s 40mm bullet from 5 miles to 25 miles, what does that do for shooting down enemy aircraft or taking out enemy radar sites or supporting our troops on the ground? The same question applies to Army field artillery; if they can fire out 30 miles, wouldn’t it be better to be able to reach out to 150 miles? This, obviously, applies to the US Navy as well. Perhaps, we could make torpedoes go faster and with greater ranges? What about missiles? There is this air-to-air missile called AMRAAM that has a range of 80 miles; what if I could make it reach out to 400 miles without changing the size/weight of the missile?

Well folks, I can. I have a new, chemical propellant that explodes with 5 times more force than our best existing propellant. Without changing our big guns, not so big guns (like M-4 or M-16 or .50 Caliber bullets) or many kinds of missiles, we can use this new propellant instead and get five times the range. Yes, our fighter pilots will be able to use their cannons to shoot down enemy planes at medium ranges instead of up close. What a surprise for an enemy?

With some tweaking, this new propellant can be modified to get even more range, but the weapons would have to be made more robust to contain the force. With a newly designed cannon, the US Army could be able to reach out to 1,000 mile ranges in any contest with the Chinese or Russians. Maybe firing a shell that flew further as a rocket/missile?

Taking this approach, I can give the US Army, Marines or Navy a 155mm shell. for a standard artillery gun, that can have a range of 300 – 600 miles or 500 – 1000 miles that is remotely, range-controlled, via radio signal. Yes, this is using a variable thrust technology.

There is some new thinking in how to make this all work. Anyone looking at this site already knows that all of these technologies are based on new, way-way-way-out-of-the-box thinking; actually it is a cube, not box.

I am a former US Air Force Intelligence Officer and wish to support the team that I was part of for many years.

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