New Alloy that Attracts Hydrogen out of Water – leaving Oxygen

When powered with Direct Current (DC) electricity, this allow will attract Hydrogen atoms; this will work well in the air/atmosphere, but forms an explosive mixture of air that is not safe.

When applied to water molecules, H2O, this alloy will provide the power to overcome the molecular bonding between the Hydrogen atoms and the Oxygen atom causing the release of both elements as gases. The DC-powered alloy is stronger in attraction than the molecular bonds with the Oxygen.

This is an easy to do, very cost effective method of breaking water into its component parts of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

It will work effectively with salt water as well, leaving sea salt as a residue.

This technology is not being brought forth as a power source for engines, but an effective method to transform water into an atmosphere on the Moon, Mars and other planetary bodies that have significant levels of stored water.

7 Responses to New Alloy that Attracts Hydrogen out of Water – leaving Oxygen

  1. Kevin Bruce Kieran Larson says:

    Could this technology, if applicable in on other planets, be applied to deep sea submarines, thereby reducing the need for nuclear reactors?

    • Merln says:

      See my page on replacing nuclear rods. But, yes, pulling the hydrogen out of water
      allows the burning of that same hydrogen with the oxygen that was freed; same principle
      as using water to run your car. The Pure Sodium approach is much more efficient for rapid
      development of steam.

      • Kevin Larson says:

        Actually, I was referring to extra oxygen for submarines, not only so they would not need to resurface in order to restore their air supply, but also so they could use gasoline or diesel instead of plutonium.

        • Merln says:

          Yes, this would work, but you’d get a lot of smoke/carbon particles as well. This
          would not be very efficient as they would have to refuel much more often. Better
          to use the Sodium-Vanadium heat source (see Replace Nuclear Rods)

      • Kevin Bruce Kieran Larson says:

        Actually, I was referring to supply oxygen for the sake of the crew and enabling them to use cheap, practical fuel, such as gasoline or diesel, all without having to surface.

  2. Kevin Larson says:

    Hi, Merln. Forgive me for sending you the same paragraph a second time, but it was an accident. Anyway, I was thinking: Electric vehicles can be more environmentally friendly than gasoline guzzlers, depending on where the energy comes from, but people might find their instantaneous torque to be uncomfortable, so I conceived a hypothesis: equipp a vehicle with one of your 50 Megawatt batteries and use it to power not only your Hydrogen-Harvesting Alloy, but also the ignition system. The hydrogen will serve as a clean-burning alternative to gasoline, and the resulting water will go back into the fuel tank, so it can be recycled. What do you think?

    • Merln says:

      I love it. We will call it the “Larson” Effect or the Larson Engine. The only issue with Hydrogen is water. There will be a much larger demand for scarce water supplies. So, we must include in the SYSTEM a requirement to desalinate ocean water, but we have to do that anyway/regardless.
      Go back and reread my new electric generator with the nested coils. I put a Post up as well. That will probably be sufficient for power needs. Of course, we will be using the new nested coils electric motor as well.

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