What is a Field?

First, we must talk about Forces. There are six (6) major forces in our multi-dimensional world. These are Darkness and Light, Hot (or Heat) and Cold, and Gravity and Magnetism. See my “Corner Discussion.”
Are any of these Forces a Field? No, but they all have properties that can be used to make Fields. We all know about the Magnetic Field which is created by flowing electrons in copper or solder. Less known, is the field we create when we flow light/photons in fiber; is that, also, the Magnetic Field? No, it’s a Frigitron Field (from the Cold Force). See my page on “What is a Magnetron? Gravitron? Infratron? Frigitron?”
To create a “field,” we must flow some kind of energy into a wire or fiber or something that conducts it; like a transmitter/antenna.
Do we create a field when we emit energy in a wireless form? Yes, it is called a Gravitron Field and it has properties of going a distance laterally and vertically. I have also referred to this field as a Propagation Field. We create these fields when we establish a Carrier Wave. So, when we modulate data (from a magnetic storage device) onto that carrier wave, are we using the magnetic or Magnetron Field? Yes. Magnetism and Gravity are binary opposites, but they have some properties that compliment each other.
So. When we put energy (we call them Photons) into fiber (or use Optical Computers), is there a “Carrier Wave?” Yes, this is a form of Light that we get from “incandescent” light bulbs (from the Heat Force) and is an Infratron Field. This was what they “measured” to determine the Speed of Light.
Our view of what we are doing and how we are doing it is far too limited. It is not just electron and photon; we are using Magnetrons, Gravitrons, Infratrons and Frigitons. All of these have their own individual properties and the neutral points between the binary extreams also have their own set of properties.
To make further break-throughs in Science, we must put more focus on what more and different things (or ways), we can use these new concepts.
For instance, is what we call a Magnet a device that uses both Magnetrons and Gravitrons? Is attracting driven more by Magentrons? Yes. Repelling is driven more by Gravitrons.
What about Heat and Cold? Heat/Infratrons expand and Cold/Frigitrons contract. Is that a set of properties that we can use like we are using Magnetism? Yes, we are already using it in baby steps, but we have many more significant applications that we can use them in.
So…Now you know what a Force Field is! When we flow energy into a conductive form, we create different fields that spin in the opposite direction of the previous field. How many fields are created? Depends, but normally, nine (9) fields Simply, nine is the number of Completion.
The odd fields (1,3,5,7,9) spin Clockwise or to the Right (Right-Spin or Left-Hand Rule) and the even (2,4,6,8) fields spin Counter-Clockwise or to the Left (Left-Spin or Right-Hand Rule). Depending on what Force Property is being used first determines what kinds of fields come next and how they interact.

What about the Dark and Light Forces? We, in this 3D World around us, are allowed to play with the various properties (some of which we do not know) of Magentism, Gravity, Cold and Heat. We can descern how these fit into our understanding of our world. The Dark and Light Force is above/higher vibration, and unseen to us; it is in the Spirit Realm which can only be seen and worked with by Advanced Spiritual Beings. Light and Dark Forces are very real to us; we all experience them every day. We just do not have any control over them except to embrace them or push them away. That is what we call Free Will.

This is already controversial, but I am going to get very controversial.
The Atom Model is useful in getting us to a functional Chemistry state. As you can see, it is way too limited as we move forward. Neutron and Protons are made up by electrons in different states. What are those different states? Yes, Magnetrons, Gravitrons, Frigitrons and Infratrons.
So, our Periodic Table of the Elements is accurate to a degree, but what is the composition of each element in terms of this new information? And, what are the different spins going on within the neutrons and protons?

So, the baseline for looking at our world goes back to what the ancients called the Aether.

OK. What is the Aether? Simple, the Six Forces described above. Some of which we have “dominion” over and some we don’t. As Above, so Below.

Can we communicate with our satellites in deep Space? Yes. Can we see objects (via telescope) in deep Space? Yes. Space is an extension of what we have here, on Earth. Magnetron, Gravitrons, Frigitrons and Infratrons behave the same way in Space as they do here. Gravity does not bend. Einstein was wrong about the speed of Light (different speeds for the forces of Magnetism, Gravity, Heat, Cold, Darkness and Light) and his definition of “Relativity” is far too limited; the Aether is much more complex and, yet, is simple enough.