Efficient Megawatt Storage of Electricity – MegaCubes™

Electricity is the most important form of energy in our world.  You say, “what about gasoline, diesel and natural gas?”  They all require electricity to operate.

But they all have something that electricity does not have; they are forms of energy that can be stored efficiently.  They are all used to generate electricity.  Coal, oil and water stored behind a Dam are all examples of efficient storage of energy.  Natural Gas in a pipeline is another efficient storage of energy.  Gasoline in your gas tank is an efficient store of energy.

Electricity, on the other hand, does not have an efficient technology for storage.  Yes, there are batteries and capacitors, but these are not efficient and only store electricity in Kilowatts or tens of Kilowatts.  This is much, much less efficient than gasoline, diesel and natural gas and that is the primary reason we are not driving electrical cars.

When electricity is generated it must be used immediately, stored in inefficient batteries or transmitted over the Grid to others for immediate use.  The trouble with transmitting it over the Grid, 20-40 percent of it is lost as heat over the transmission lines depending on distance.

Ok.  I finally got around to asking Spirit if there is a more efficient way to store electrical power than a battery or capacitor.  Yes, there is.  It is a container that can be used to collect and store electrical power from wind, solar and wave generation devices.  It also has the potential to collect and store electrical power from Lightening Bolts.  I call it a MegaCube™.

These MegaCube™ containers can be connected to a transformer sub-station in series, like a battery, for supplemental electrical power or for transmission over the Grid.  My original idea was dug into the ground and fixed in place, but MegaCubes™ can be made portable from the beginning.

These MegaCube™ containers are much more efficient than banks of lead-acid or other batteries and can replace these highly toxic, HazMat Batteries in homes and businesses using solar panels.

This is, perhaps, my most important idea yet.  The MegaCubes™ can be scaled down to a small, but very efficient size, say 1 foot x 1 foot x 1 foot (0.3 meter x 0.3 m x 0.3 m), with a capacity to store 2.5 Megawatts of Direct Current.  Using this, the concept of electrifying transportation become feasible.  Electric powered cars, trucks, boats, yachts and, yes, planes can, now, draw on a renewable, efficient store of electricity.  Diesel electric trains can become much more efficient than they are now.

Now, that we are in Aquarian Light at last, I am hopeful that I can start to bring these ideas into the world over the next few months.

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