Advanced, Instant Hydration-Dehydration Device

We are all familiar with freeze-dried coffee (instant) and other similar processes that make it possible to store food and beverages in a good quality for long periods of time.  I have a process to take fresh vegetables, like broccoli or peas or, even, lettuce and dehydrate it, instantly; in about 3 seconds.  What this rapid dehydration does is shrink the food to about one-tenth of its size and weight; this process is optimized for cut-up vegetables and lettuce.

This is a device that generates a field that pulls all of the water out of a container – very rapidly.  This process operates at room temperature; above 40° F and below 120° F. This water is deposited in a separate container and can be used as potable, drinking water. The dehydration field only takes pure water; no dissolved solids are taken with the water.  After the dehydration process is completed, the dried food, with all of its original nutrients, is put into an air- and water-tight container and can be stored indefinitely.  When the dried vegetable is ready to be eaten, it can be put into the dehydration device and re-hydrated to its original form and color, again instantly.   Pure, clean water must be added to the device for the re-hydration process. There is no heat in this process or dehydration or re-hydration; the food is not cooked in any way and must be treated as if it were fresh from the field or store.

Essentially, this is storage of fresh vegetables at one-tenth their size and weight indefinitely.  With 99.9% of the water extracted, there is not enough moisture for any bacterial activity in the food; there is no discoloration, wilting or rotting activity at all.

What else is this device good for?

It will do the same thing for ground meat, thinly sliced meat and even steaks that are two inches thick.  Again, it dehydrates and re-hydrates the meat as if it was fresh from the butcher.  It matters not what kind of meat or fish or shellfish it is; nearly all of the water is extracted leaving protein, fat and everything else inert, waiting for re-hydration.

This field can be generated to process one gallon of water in about 20 seconds.  What this means is that one gallon of dirty water can be made into pure, drinking water in 20 seconds.  One gallon of Sea water can be turned into a gallon of fresh, potable, drinking water with the added bonus of a tablespoon of sea salt, again in 20 seconds.  This has implications for consumers, campers, hikers, boaters and anyone who wants to purify water for drinking and cooking.

With a little engineering applied to the device, it can be made into a water purification unit for communities and cities and military installations.  Again, from a recycling perspective, any solids in the water (or any other water-based liquid) are instantly dried and can be sold as something of value.  This applies to sewage, “dirty” water, fruit juice, maple syrup or a process to make instant soup.  I am sure that there are many industrial processes that this device can be applied to, perhaps, as a way to recycle and reuse water coming out of a building instead of dumping it into (and paying for) the sewage treatment.

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  1. Jurgen alan says:

    Nasa have a competition on – you should look at it !
    i think you should look at it – I am – but I don really care about the money , Just doing the right thing
    I am exploring exactly this method with a chemical reactive method – but your rig may do the trick
    good luck
    Jurgen Alan

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