New Alloy to Create Coils without Copper Wrappings

New, “Coil” Alloy; Mold Coils

– No Copper Wire Wrapping Required

Develop new, better electric motors using a new alloy instead of copper wrappings. Run a magnetic disk within a “Coil” alloy sleeve to turn a wheel or generate electricity or make a better motor.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 15, 2011 –
We use electric motors everywhere, yet they are all based on technology over 100 years old.  All electric motors spin a coil of copper wires within a magnet or vice versa.  while the design of the coil of copper wires has variations, they are slight and the number of wraps and configuration of the wraps dictates the design of the electric motor.

This is a new idea.  Instead of using copper wire wraps, use an alloy that duplicates and improves the coil wrapping properties; this new alloy exists.  It is solid metal; it can be machined, molded, hammered, bent, filed and extruded into wire that can be used in novelle coil configurations

As an example, envision a steel disk with magnets embedded; spin this magnetic disk within a circular sleeve made of this new Coil alloy.  This is the basis for a new electric motor that can be independently attached to each wheel on any vehicle.  It is not only an electric motor, but it is also a built in generator as well.  With computer chips and software the motor and generator functions can be run independently and simultaneously using the motor for acceleration and the generator for braking.  In a 2-, 3- or 4-wheeled vehicle, each wheel is both being used for motive power, but also generation of electricity to central battery banks under software control.

Anytime the vehicle is going downhill or braking, intensive generation of electricity is possible. Even more importantly, when going up a hill, one or more of the wheels could be used for generation.

This is all made possible by having a new, more efficient way of creating electrical power and electric generation.  This is a revolutionary new idea for electric motors and could be the basis for an entirely new electric car.

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