Repair Rusted Re-Bar or Salt Water Sand in Concrete

Repair Rusted Re-Bar or Salt

Water Sand in Concrete and

Make it Strong Again

New frequency field that transforms rust into iron and oxygen or salt into sodium and chlorine. Using this technology, concrete made with salt water sand can be made stronger by releasing the chlorine as gas and having the sodium bond with concrete.

PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 30, 2011 –
This new technology uses an antenna to transmit specific frequencies into concrete with or without Iron RE-BAR for strengthening.  These frequencies use a unique antenna that is configurable for different elements to break apart the molecular bonding of salt into its component parts (sodium, chlorine and oxygen) or sand into its component parts (silicon and oxygen) or rust (iron and oxygen) as three examples.  This technology applies to many other molecular compounds and can be used to disassemble pollutants and highly toxic compounds used in manufacturing and the nuclear industries.

Our Chemists and Metallurgists  know how to get chemicals and elements to mix but have many challenges when it comes to undoing or unmixing environmentally unfriendly compounds.  Like spent nuclear fuel rods, the current solution or non-solution is to bury them in deep mine shafts or with other compounds, dump them into our environment.

I developed this new technology in a direct attempt to come up with a solution for building projects that used sand with high salt content in structural concrete; this is a problem all over the world.  I also thought it would be applicable to concrete that has been cracked by rusting Re-Bar.  In both cases, the chlorine and oxygen would be released as gases leaving the sodium and Iron as highly reactive with nowhere else to bond with except the surrounding concrete.  In both cases, the surrounding concrete will become much stronger.

In the case of concrete that has been cracked by rusting Re-Bar, thinned cement can be poured into the cracks, allowed to set and the “Derusting” process applied again.  Using this iterative process can save (extend the life cycle of) many bridges, airport runways and other infrastructures.

This new process is a new tool for engineers to repair or deconstruct things of all kinds.  Just imagine; being able to take any harmful chemical and being able to de-construct it at the elemental level.  Same for harmful metals.  Same for nuclear fuel rods.

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