New Alloy that Gets Heavier or Lighter (Variable Gravity)

This alloy, like most of the new alloys on this site, uses Direct Current (DC) power to adjust the properties of being heavier or lighter. I am a sailor and asked my source, Nikola Tesla, if there was a way to eliminate the lead keel? Is there an alloy that could be made heavier by putting electrical current into it?

In one configuration, this new alloy will be wonderful for sailboats, as they will be able to control the amount of heeling or tipping the boat/vessel experiences when the wind pushes the sail towards the water. This is, normally, controlled by having a heavy lead keel, but that can be eliminated now. Instead, having a laptop or phone or an embedded computer (with backup) with an inclinometer program/app can signal the flow of DC Current into the embedded alloy on the windward side of the boat; this current will make the alloy heavier and level out the tilt. Just imagine, a sailboat can have a skeg and a drop center-board, be shallow draft and beamy (comfortable) and, not ever, worry about capsizing. The control of the heeling via the main sheet will still apply. This will revolutionize sailing vessel design.

The other configuration does the opposite; it makes the alloy lighter. Say you would like to transport something very heavy, like a 70 ton tank or two. Normally, this would be too heavy for military transport aircraft and the tanks would have to be shipped via water. Using this alloy, in a grid on the interior of the plane, would allow the two tanks to drive onto the aircraft and be weightless for the entire trip. This would save fuel costs, greatly reduce wing loading damage and would allow the aircraft to land on shorter runways. The same thing applies to these heavy tanks trying to cross bridges that cannot support them; they can be made lighter. This also applies to operating on wet, muddy, marshy ground; the heavy tank would not be able to do so, but can, when made lighter. The point is that heavy tanks can be deployed rapidly, anywhere, by aircraft. Just imagine, helium blimps can become the ships of the future carrying entire cargo holds that do not weigh more than 1,000 pounds; faster and cheaper.

Heavy trucks on our roads can be made lighter. Heavily laden ships can be made lighter and traverse shallower waters. Building/improving bridges, airports and roads can be made much more efficient/reasonable in cost. Heavy aircraft can land on grass fields. Fuel efficiency will go up for all vehicles, trains, ships and aircraft.

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