Blue Anti-Gravity Alloy

The Blue Rod, like the Molding of Stones, is a lost Alien-Ancient Astronaut technology.  Using this Blue metal alloy and a lambs wool-hide, the ancients would charge the Blue Rod using static electricity and apply the rod to a stone block weighing as much as 500 tonnes.  The rock would become weightless and could be picked up with ease as long as the Blue Rod was connected to it.

There was an operational condition attached;  when the static electricity charge was used up, the stone block reverted to its normal weight.  This forced moving these large stones by stages with one or more Blue Rods.  The other operational imperative was the large stone blocks retained their forward momentum and had to be slowed down to a very slow forward movement before being put into place.

Like other unusual alloys listed on this site, I have the formula/recipe/sequence/mixing of elements, compounds and energies needed to make this Blue Rod anti-gravity device.  It is not just a matter of smelting cobalt and other elements together.

This device will tend to put heavy lift cranes out of business.

For those who do not yet realize what I am saying; THIS IS AN ANTI-GRAVITY Technology!!!

If you roll this alloy into a foil, like aluminum foil, it becomes something that can be placed in a backpack and powered with a DC battery like a 9-volt battery. This will allow the wearer of the backpack to carry 300Kg of kit around. Now that is a lot of weight, so the foil would have to be in the bottom of the pack as well as the vertical part facing the person’s back; this would prevent all of that weight from damaging the person if he fell down forward.

OK. We just took care of the weight of all that military kit; ammunition, comms, food, water, night-vision, computers, clothing and sleeping bag. Now, what about the weight of the man or woman herself? By applying the foil as a liner in her boots, she will become weightless. Do you get it? She will be able to scamper up those hills like she is not carrying that weighted pack or her own bodies weight. Climbing a rope would become child’s play, even fully loaded.

What else? Add the alloy as a foil, or a thin sheet, to the floor of a giant cargo plane, like the C-5 or C-17. What does that do? It makes the plane almost weightless when it takes off. Wait, you mean you could fit two, possibly three M1A3 tanks, weighing 210 tons into one C-5? Yes, and the long term weight loading damage to the root of the wing would be reduced to nearly zero. This concept applies equally to in air refuelers; the fuel does not have to weigh anything.

Anywhere where we have limitations that are based on the weight of an object, where we would need to have a crane to lift it, can now be taken care of manually with a cleverly designed lifting device made from aluminum and rope. Yes, fully loaded containers could be moved about by a 3-man team easily. Hey, US Military, does this sound like something you could use.

How about the construction trades, using this technology, bags of cement and bundles of rebar and pallets of building supplies can be lifted using simple pulley and block and tackle systems.

How about lifting a boat out of the water to scrape her down and apply bottom paint; she can be 20 feet or 200 feet and yet weigh virtually nothing.

And what about you truckers and lorry drivers? Do you want your load to weigh nothing when you pull into those inspection lanes? Do you want to be carrying a full load and yet get the fuel milage of an empty load? And what about you Transportation bureaucrats, do you want the damage from overloaded vehicles to stop? Overloaded vehicles tend to destroy the infrastructure over time.

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  1. davemaxwelll says:

    Bruce, the way I invent things, like Nikola Tesla, is to complete the invention in my mind before I even write the details down. So… In answer to your question, I know it works in my mind; I have detailed visuals on how to use it to lift massively heavy objects.

    Ok. I know you are asking me if I have had one made and tested it in a lab or in the field. Not yet, but I do have a field test that I can point you to; check out the story of the Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida. The guy moved up to 40 ton blocks of stone 20 miles using a 1930s quarter-ton pickup truck with bias-ply tires and a block-and-tackle with light chain instead of rope. He had one helper, a person who was deaf and dumb (could not hear or speak).

    No one knows how Edward got the stones out of the ground or transported them or constructed them; its all a big mystery that you can visit and marvel at. Edward’s front door is nine tons and opened and closed with a slight touch. After 40 years, the US Park Service thought that they needed a new ball bearing installed; the new ones only last about a year.

  2. Karey Marie Davis says:

    Can you email me to speak please!

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