Non-ferrous Super Magnetic Alloy

Non-ferrous Super Magnetic Alloy

– No Iron or Steel

Most magnets and electro-magnets are made using the Iron (Fe) element. This is a new, permanent magnetic alloy that uses no Iron at all and is 33 times more magnetically active (attracting or repelling).

PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 28, 2011 –
Think of the thousands of applications that we use magnet for.  Electric motors, generators, lifting devices, etc.  Now, all of these applications can be made much more efficient because this new alloy is much stronger magnetically.  This is a permanent magnetic alloy meaning that its strong magnetic field is always present and cannot be turned on-and-off as with an electro-magnet.

Having said that, this new magnetic alloy can be made more powerful by flowing electrical current; perhaps as much as 1,000 times.  With these properties, this alloy could be used to launch vehicles into space or high-earth orbit.  It could also be the baseline technology for a truly effective Rail-Gun.  For Star Trek fans, this new magnetic alloy could be the baseline technology for a Traktor Beam or Repeller Beam operated from a Space Station or large space ship.  Using this technology, the International Space Station could begin to clean up all of the space junk floating around up there.

8 Responses to Non-ferrous Super Magnetic Alloy

  1. Kevin Bruce Kieran Larson says:

    Could this Non-ferrous alloy function properly with the No Moving Parts Electrical Generator?

    • Merln says:

      Absolutely; it can be electrified to make it an electro-magnet. Not only
      that, it can be used to amplify the magnetic field in a non-linear or
      exponential manner. This would be ideal for making a rail gun or a magnetic
      pusher/repeller or puller/attracting beam.

      • Kevin Bruce Kieran Larson says:

        Am electromagnetic rail gun can launch a projectile at 5,000 MPH. But would the speed increase with your non-ferrous alloy?

        • Merln says:

          See my page on Crystal Energy; it ties several things together.

          • Kevin Bruce Kieran Larson says:

            The Energy Crystal page does not mention speed; only rapid fire and small size. Both are convenient, but speed matters as well. I’m not complaining, I’m curious.

          • Merln says:

            You are asking about the Rail Gun. There is much more discussed
            there. But take a 2.5 Lb projectile (tungsten or depleted uranium)
            and it will be fired at approximately 8,000 miles per minute and
            travel through the air for about 2,600 miles. That is a maximum speed
            and range; it could be dialed back for targets at shorter ranges. This
            could easily be used to shoot down satellites, ICBMs or, enemy planes
            and, even, destroy ships. When used in space, it could be used to reduce
            the size of asteroids or comets (to managable size for atmospheric destruction).
            This is possible using all of the technologies described in the Energy Crystal
            page (in the Rail Gun paragraph). Like all Rail Guns, it can be rapid fire
            if enough electro-magnetic power is available.

  2. Kevin Larson says:

    What if this alloy were used in an electric generator?

    • Merln says:

      To make a “normal” generator you spin a magnet in a coil or a coil in a
      magnet. Using a super magnet will give you more power with the same rotations
      or a specific power level with fewer rotations. You still have to do the work
      of rotating the stator/armature using some sort of fuel or power (hydro).
      Using my no moving parts generator is much more efficient.

      The super magnet will also be useful in electric motors; they will have more, or
      much more torque. This new electric motor can be combined with my new, coil alloy
      (no wrapping required) which can be made into a foil and wrapped around the super
      magnet or molded into a specific space limited shape or even suspended in a torroid,
      as a powder. The torroid shape has additional powers that most of us know nothing about.

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