Tornado-in-a-Tube Wind Generator

Air vortexes that we call Tornados, Cyclones or Water Spouts are triggered by nature.  They are not just swirling air, they are an energy system that has been activated.  I know the activation mechanism and can activate the same mechanism in a controlled environment like say a missile silo and then bring it down in size to activate in a small, even tiny tube.  As long as the energy system is maintained, the “Tornado” air vortex will continue to spin at high speed and be fully capable of turning a wind turbine generator.  This energy system is very much like an electrical circuit that can be turned on and off at will. I’m sure there are many other applications for this powerful little energy system.

This could be an incredibly efficient electrical generation technology that can be applied to the full spectrum of civilian and military employment.

BTW, if a tornado can be turned on and off, at will.  This technology can be applied to “wild” or “nature” tornadoes as well.  Devices could be set up in “Tornado Alley” and used to disrupt/terminate Tornadoes when they approach populated areas.

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