Energetic Blocks are, finally, gone!

I channel Nicola Tesla. I ask him questions and when, I get a Yes, I am invited to keep asking questions until I get another Yes and so on. After a few yeses, I get a mental image of the device or alloy or program that I am asking about. So, yes, all of these technologies are being pulled from a conversation with Spirit. The big trick is to learn how to ask questions and to learn how to listen for the answers.
For anyone viewing my site for the first time, it is very broad and goes down many different Rabit Holes. That is OK as I can ask about any technology or new or improved ways of doing things. I have been doing this since 2000; that is a lot of questions.
For whatever reason, these technologies have been blocked and prevented from coming into the world. It has something to do with the Plan and the transition from the Dark Plan to the Light Plan. These technologies and I have had to wait for the right/correct timing. It has not been easy. It has been very frustrating at times.
The Plan, or Plans, did not know how to handle/treat me and my information. All of my technologies are very disruptive of the existing status quo; so I was Quarentined and experienced a kind of “lockdown” for 20 years.
The Light Plan and I have reached an accomodation. It is ready for me now and these technologies can be brought into the worlda. Yes, Tesla is telling me that now, finally, is the time.
So…, For the 4400 subscribers to this site, we will begin to see great changes to the world’s technologies. Many of the old ways of doing things will be phased out and replaced with much better options.
Love, Light, and Laughter,

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