Like Electrons, Gravity has Multi-States

See my page on the Different Electron States. Reread it thinking about many other “Binary” issues. This post will address Gravity and Not Gravity or Null Gravity. Let’s start with Newton’s Apple, it is attracted to the ground by Gravity pulling on it. Yes, we all get that. What most of us do not know is that Gravity is a Binary issue. There is also a Null or Not or Negative Gravity; it would be a force pushing on the Apples to keep them growing on the branch.
What if, the Apple Tree can communicate with the Earth (through its roots) that it wants Null Gravity energy as the fruit is busy growing. This is how the tree is able to replicate itself; seeds. What if, when the fruit is ready to fall, the tree communicates that it is ready for Positive Gravity to allow the fruit to be pulled to the ground.
This is an entirely new way of looking at the world, but just as we are acknowledging that there are “trans” genders, there are also “trans” Gravity and Magnetism properties. Gravity has a push and pulls component just like Magnetism has an attraction and repulsion property. We all know how to get a magnet to attract or repel, it is just a matter of moving the poles around; very simple.
Oddly enough, we do not know how to go between the push and the pull of Gravity. Can it be as simple as these different properties of Magnetism?
Our biggest problem with this concept now is that we do not recognize that Gravity has a Null property.
So. If we ponder that Gravity has a Positive and Negative component, we can designate the Positive or Plus component to 180° on a circle and the Negative or Null component to 360°. That means that activity on the 0-180° side is moving in the direction (or leaning towards) Plus Gravity. The reverse would be true for activity from 180-360° as it moves towards Null Gravity.
The points at 90° and 270° would be half-way between Plus and Null Gravity and can be described as Neutral. The 90° point would be Trending Plus and the 270° point would be trending Null.
Now, let’s add another technical component to both Plus and Null Gravity. Let’s say that both the Plus and Null (180° and 360°) positions have spin direction properties. Null spins upwards (vertically) clockwise and Plus spins downwards (vertically) counterclockwise.
Let’s add similar components to the Neutral points at 90° and 270°. Leaning Plus spins to the Left (horizontally counterclockwise) and Leaning Null spins to the Right (horizontally clockwise).
This is just like the Electrons; Gravity particles or components go back and forth changing their spins from verticle and horizontal and from clockwise to couterclockwise depending where they are on a circle.
Wow, Gravity just got a lot more complex, but also easier to understand.
My point here is that this is equally true for Magnetism, what we call Hot or Heat, what we call Cold or Frozen, and, even, what we call Dark and Light. Each of these has a Plus and Null property at 180° and 360° and each of them has different spin properties at 90° and 270°. Cold is not the absence of Heat; it has its own Plus and Null properties. Same for Darkness; it is not the absence of Light.
This is all part of what I call New Physics.

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