We are DeCentralizing and that is a Good Thing

Before COVID, our world was centralized around group activities. We went to the office or school or church or sports in large, organized groups. We even went out to eat in groups larger than 2 or 4.
Yes, we had our “alone time” activities like fishing and hiking and camping out in the wild, but our lives were organized around Centralized themes.
Think about it, we have many places to go and do things that operate on the principle of being centralized. Our schools, grocery stores, gas stations, and local government/police are all great examples. Then, there are shopping malls and Walmarts and Home Depots; again all centralized locations that drew us in.
So. What happened? We have become much more decentralized. Many more of us are working from home and buying everything online. Many more of us are moving away from the big cities to get away from the isolation, lack of joy activities, and looking for more space (getting away from the rioters, looters and criminals is also a factor).
These are new changes but are likely to remain more permanent than many of us realize. Is there going to be a massive return to the cities? No, most office workers prefer working from home. Are the cities going to die a slow death? Yes, although it may take ten years or so.
What about all of the other centralization around us? What about our police and the courts? Are they going to continue to be the same? Not likely; they will have to be digitized as well, just like telemedicine is doing to our doctor visits. This means that we will be forced to band together at a microlevel for safety and protection. It also means that many more guns will be sold.
What about our electricity? Can the centralized model of electrical generation survive? Not for long. Decentralized generation of electricity to support local needs is already a feature for those who want to move off-grid. Wind and Solar generation is coming along, but as California just found, it does not work for large centralized systems. Many Off-Griders are exploring using water in streams and rivers for generation in combination with Wind and Solar.
How about our voting and elections? Are we all going to go to the polling station and vote? We are already seeing an attempt to use mass mail-in ballots. How is that going to work? Is the Post Office going to survive as a centralized place to go to pick up mail or packages?
Everything in our world is, now, being forced to move into a decentralized mode. This will, eventually, also apply to our food stores, but that will be among the last to be decentralized. This will involve people realizing that they must grow or find their own food (to include protein). Learn how to get water from your rooves, even if “it’s just for the garden.”
Whoa! I am being ridiculous. Perhaps, but we have anarchists, rioters, looters, arsonists and killers running around destroying several of our cities. When does that get to us?
Let’s say that our “System” is more robust than that and our “way of life” is not so fragile.
Alright, we have a Grand Solar Minimum or Mini Ice Age coming. It is going to get much colder and the food crops will not be as abundant. Yes, there will be food shortages around the planet. It has already started in China and the Chinese will take the food from wherever they can. Yes, the series of disasters that China is experiencing is the beginning of the cold changes that we may experience for the next 100-300 years. This is not going to be a short term event; systems will have to adapt. People will have to adapt. Look up the Maunder Minimum; it was a Mini-Ice Age that lasted from 1650-1715 in Europe. That one was a short one but brought much starvation and disease (Black Death when the rats ran out of food and moved in with us).
I am not saying that we are moving into another “Dark Age.” We will still have great communications and our transportation network will be continued, but with changes that are both good and not-so-good. We will have power to run our computers and flash drives and, hopefully, our lives.
So, why is all of this happening NOW?
In December 2012, we moved out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius. I know this is Wu-Wu stuff.
Perhaps, but we are in a new age and it has different energies. We are seeing the dissolution of the old all around us. We are being forced, by circumstances, to adapt to changes that none of us saw coming. We are being forced into Decentralization.
Here’s some more on what being in Aquarius means. The symbol for Aquarius is a woman standing at the tippy top of a mountain (represented as a cone) and pouring water down the mountain from a jug. Lots of meaning here; in Aquarius, which will last for the next 2,160 years (an Age), women will be dominant. Instead of following the school (Pisces), the flock (Aries), or the herd (Taurus), each droplet of water can find its own way down the mountain. Individualism trumps collectivism. Yes, the water can go its own way even to the sea.
This is a huge change in energy. Women are planners and worriers. They are less violent. They are much more focused on how things feel. They are incredibly logical, but logic does not always rule. This new energy also supports deviating from the group (herd, flock, or school) or decentralizing.
Credentials that prove you are part of the “club” or “in-crowd” will no longer be needed; no licenses or permits or degrees needed. That too is part of the mass decentralization going on.
If you are still with me, this is why our world is becoming DeCentralized. The CCPVirus or Covid19 is just part of this massive energy shift. For whatever reason, the transition from one Age to another takes nine (9) years. We will be fully in the new energy on December 22, 2021. Plan accordingly.
Here’s some excellent news. This site is all about new technologies that can be brought into our world in this new energy. See my No Moving Parts Generator for a new way to generate electricity for small and medium groups. Yes, it can eventually be used to support big groups again. There are many technologies here, and in other sites, that are part of this shift in energies. Fear not, we are all moving into what will be called a “Golden” Age.

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