A Different Way to Get to 5G

08-24-2020 08:51 AM CET | Science & Education
Press release from: Revitae Technologies
Everyone in our world believes that the only way to get increased bandwidth is to move to higher and higher frequencies. That has been the model for well over 100 years.
What if….There was a way to use our existing 4G Infrastructure. Yes, the existing cell towers and 4G phones that are spread around our planet.
This New Way?
First some basic technology. Whenever we send a radio signal of any frequency, it must be sent using what is called a Carrier or Propagation Wave. This must be established first and then the data is modulated on top of it. At the receiving end, the data is demodulated from the Carrier Wave.
This process is considered to be a single process for most, even our electrical and network engineers.
We have digitized everything else in our communications, but we have not been able to figure out how to digitize the Carrier or Propagation Waves.
This press release is about a new technology that digitizes the Propagation Wave.
What does a Propagation Wave do? It somehow propagates through the air from one location to another. Propagation is a form of kinetic energy. It carries the data. We know how to use it and have been doing so to carry all of our data in both wired and wireless since the beginning of the electronic age. We do not even think about it; it is 1, 2, and done.
What does digitizing the Carrier/Propagation Wave do for us? Each time we set up a communications channel, it uses a Carrier Wave. So, each signal or channel is using a Carrier Wave to carry data (modulated/demodulated).
What if this technology can allow the digitized Carrier/Propagation Wave to carry more than one channel/signal? What if we could transmit several signals/channels on one carrier wave? If we can put these multiple signals on a carrier wave at 30 degrees of separation, that would mean having 12 different/unique signals/channels on one carrier wave. How about 15 degrees of separation? That would be 24 channels. If we go down to 5 degrees of separation, that would be 72 channels. Using this new technology, we can use our existing communications technologies (all of them) to multiply the data that can be sent over any carrier wave.
Yes, the software and firmware will have to be updated. That is easy; we all get updates of both all of the time. But…we can use our existing 4G Infrastructure in cell towers and phones without having to spend very large amounts of money building out towers for higher frequencies.
This is also much safer for humans and animals. The higher frequencies also have higher power levels; both of these can cause “Frequency” sickness.
This is how Tesla was able to transmit electrical power. He used the Carrier/Propagation Wave. Guess what, this new technology can be used to transmit data, electrical power or both wirelessly.

David Maxwell
Revitae Technologies
St Thomas, VI 00803-6658
+1 (340) 244-9882

Revitae Technologies is an advanced technology company located in the US Virgin Islands (Atlantic TZ -4). Visit us at https://revitaetechnologies.com. Be sure to check out our New Physics pages. There are two new Maxwell Equations.

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