New, Different approach to 5G – Much Safer

Many of us are experiencing “lockdown” with the CCP Virus. The Chinese Communist Party made the decision to spread the virus to the entire world. Perhaps, they thought it would hinder or destroy the US Economy. They were losing in their fight with Donald Trump.
Wuhan is an interesting place. Not only is it the location for China’s most dangerous biologic warfare labratory, but it is the initial rollout location for China’s operational testing of their 5G technology.
I have written before on 5G technology approaches; they are using higher and higher frequency bands to get more and more data bandwidth. In the Chinese 5G (and European), they are using a frequency band that we all think of as Ultra Sound.
Think about that for a second. We all know about Ultra Sound being used to image a babyin a womb. The energy is able to pass through many layers of skin, muscle, fluid and organs to return a useful image. This is a very powerful signal that is projected into a woman for about 10 seconds and once per pregnancy maximum.
These Ultra Sound frequencies are being used to be the carrier wave for the 5G very wideband data capabilities. These carrier waves will be operating 24/7/365 or continuously all of the time. What do we already know about testing that has been done? 5G, using these frequencies, kills many kinds of birds. It may also be deadly to small animals like dogs and cats. It may also be deadly to Humans.
OK. We know that Ultra Sound signals do not travel very far in imaging a baby in the womb; about 18 inches maximum. But, to support a 5G infrastructure, these antennas will be about 50-60 feet apart, especially in urban high-density locations.To support this distancing and the large data requirements, this Ultra Sound carrier wave will have to be very powerful; perhaps as strong as 5 watts or more. Your most powerful WiFi router operates at 0.5 watts and can cause frequency or signal discomfort/illness for some people.
This approach to get to this new technology is way too dangerous. Let’s get back to Wuhan. The virus got out; it escaped the lab and starting spreading. At the same time, people were being hit with these powerful 5G signals. Many people came down with advanced form of Frequency Sigkness which lowered their immune system. The combination of the 5G Frequency Sickness and the virsu were deadly and China has lost many millions of people so far.
All around the world, people have been experiencing the virus as a form of the Flu which targeted older people with one or more underlying conditions. In 2018, the US lost 91,000 people to the Flu.
So what is the difference? The combination of the virus and the 5G Frequency Sickness is deadly.

Is there a different, better way to get to 5G? Yes. Our approach of increasing the frequency to get greater bandwidth has worked so far, but to keep pushing into higher frequencies with the needed added power and proliferation of antennas is proving to be too dangerous.
There is a different, better approach. Please go to my New Physics section on We are only using two fields, the propagation and magnetic fields, to communicate all of our data. There are actually nine fields that can be used to transmit much more data (and, even, electrical power). We can continue to use line-of-sight frequencies in the VHF, UHF, EHF and SHF bands. But, we can put 100s of megabytes of data around an HF signal (not through). We can also vastly increase the amount of data per second transmitted/received using similar outside-the-box thinking. We can acutally get to 5G using our existing 4G network, but would have to buy new routers and modems to enable the new technologies. We are going to have to do that anyway. We can put very large amounts of data around wires, fiber and, even, wireless signals.

One added bonus is huge; when we put signals around the wire, fiber or wireless carrier, there is no heat loss. Ohm’s Law does not apply. Just think of making circuit boards without the destructuve heat.

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