5G, 6G & 7G, We Can Get There SAFELY!

Many of us have been becoming alarmed over the rush to bring unsafe, 5G technologies into our world. The Chinese Communist Party developed this technology to kill or sterilize the people of the west! I know, just too unbelievable, but this is how they were going to take over the world.
What is 5G? Essentially, think of it as Ultra-sound frequencies. Thinks how much impact that they will have on our bodies when instead of a few seconds, they are beaming at us (and through us) 24/7/365. These frequencies are not safe for our brains and will cause brain tumors that will drive people crazy and kill them.
Everyone seems to want a more data driven world and the Genie is already out of the bottle. We will have to address our privacy and ownership of our data along the way.
What is this safer way? We can use the existing 4G networks more efficiently. We can get much more bandwidth out of the existing cell towers that we are already using. I know, many people are already concerned about the radio frequency (RF) pollution, but it does not kill or sterilize mass numbers of people and is the basis for much of our technological progress.
Please read about various new options that we have in my New Physics pages on this site.
There are more than one field (the Electro-Magnet)that is generated when we put current down a wire (there are 9 fields). We can use these additional fields to carry large amounts of additional data and power over our wireless transmissions. We can even use these increased bandwidth techniques for the other frequency bands; HF, VHF, UHF, EHF, etc. We do not have to go to the dangerous, Ultra-Sound frequencies.

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A Little Background; I am another Nikola Tesla

I’ve told you that I channel Nikola Tesla; that is true. So…who is this Nikola Tesla? He invented the electricity that we all use in this world; we call it alternating current. He invented much more than that.
How did he know how to do this? He did not have any formal training in electricity. He did not go to a college or university to learn about electricity. He just got images in his mind on how to build an alternating current generator.
As he learned to trust his “visions,” he invented more and more things. He never wrote down any of his inventions or shared them with his assistants until the invention was “completed” in his mind; yes, he got a signal when it was complete.
This is how I invent, but for me, I can describe my visions in a way that many of you can understand. After receiving a few Yeses on how to proceed with a new invention (or improve an existing one), I get a 3-Dimensional, High Definition, Color image in my mind. I can render it, raster it, assemble/disassemble it, assemble it differently, zoom it in/out, view it from any angle, measure it and, even, determine what each part (even complex parts) are made from.
So… what did I just describe to you? I am a complete one person lab. I can keep trying new things and fitting things together in different ways until the device/field/alloy works the way I want it to. My signal that it is complete? It lights up like a Christmas Tree; then, I can go on to my next project.

I can use this wonderful skill to get technological answers to any technology question.

For those of you who still don’t get it, this may help; think of me as a Remote Viewer. You know, people who can mentally transport themselves to underground bunkers in a country far away and report on what targeted people are saying, doing and, in some cases, can even read documents.
The difference is that I can Remote View new, disruptive technologies.

Yes, I channel Tesla; I talk to him in detailed Yes and No conversations; I was limited to this as I got too much information from mental contacts. Nothing is given to me; I must pull everything using a Yes or a No. I have gotten very good at asking the “Right” questions.

So…my point in writing this is that I invent just like Tesla did when he was alive; he too, pulled all of his knowledge from an internal conversation with someOne very creative. Remember, he did not go to Stanford or MIT; before Tesla, no one knew anything about Alternating Current.

Think about it, James Clerk Maxwell of Maxwell’s Equations fame. Where did he get those equations? Who did he learn them from? He brought new information into the world through his mental intellect. He started getting this information when he was just 18 years-old. Before Maxwell, Electrical Engineering did not exist. That is also true of Tesla.

The idea that important inventions must be developed/invented by a cast of thousands in a government/corporate/university laboratory is ridiculous and is not supported by the facts.

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Thank You All!

There are nearly 4,400 Subscribed Users on this site. Thank you all for your interest. I have started to reach out to others to get the word out about these new, imaginative, disruptive technologies.
I have connected, hopefully, with one of the leading alternative news sites, an MIT Professor and, perhaps, even the White House.
I am going to ask you to help me get the word out. Share my site with your friendly fellows.
If it is not yet the time, it will soon BE!!!

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Finally, It’s Time to Bring these Technologies into the World.

I have been sitting on some of these technological ideas/approaches since May of 2002. All of these technologies are pulled from an “internal” conversation with my Spirit Guide or my Creative Self. When he was alive, his name was Nikola Tesla. All creative people do this whether they are painters. sculptors, digital artists or writers. Frequently, like me, they get visuals to help them.
My Internal Voice (Tesla) has told me that these new technologies had to wait until the energy shift was complete before they could be brought into the world. The energy shift began in January and is now complete enough that I am getting an “internal” green light to move ahead.
What does this mean? There has been a block on any progress for all of the items on this page and many more not listed; that block is lifted today on Thanksgiving Day 2018 (11/22).
The blocks have been lifted and I can begin to communicate and receive communications back from people and organizations that are willing to help me. I can now receive donations from anyone who wants to donate.
All of these technologies are very disruptive of the existing order. Under the old energy (Gemini, Taurus, Aries and Pisces or for 8,640 years), these technologies would have been suppressed, violently, if necessary. We have made the transition to Aquarian energies and the Old Order (One Worlders, Deep State, Bilderburgers, etc.) is losing it’s operating energy quickly.
Tesla tells me that I am safe, my family is safe and the people who help me are SAFE from these hard, Left-Spinners. Ask yourSelves if you want to help or not; it’s that simple. ALL HELP IS WELCOME!!!


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Hello Again

For those of you who have explored this site; you know that all of these technologies come from a dialog with my Internal Creator.

Back in April, I did a routine WordPress plugin update and got the fatal error that you have all been seeing for a while. My Spirit Guide told me to leave it alone (not fix it) until it was the right time.


I’m going to get Metaphysical here, but all of these technologies are metaphysical in inspiration.

For the past 6,485 years, our planet (and Solar System) have been traveling through Taurus, Aries and Pisces Houses of the Zodiac; now we are in Aquarius. Each House of the Zodiac is 2,160 years long or an age.

OK. While we were in Taurus, Aries and Pisces, the energy that was supported was male dominated, follow-the-leader, and 80% dominated by Fear, Force, Control and Resisting Doing-the-Right-Thing. This is why we have so many wars and the people have been crushed by the Elites/Oligharchy/Globalists.

These people are beginning to wonder what is happening to their carefully controlled world. First, BREXIT, then Donald Trump, TPP and, now, the Climate Change Agreement.

In December 2012, we entered Aquarian energy. It has taken four years to transition through Fire, Water, Air and Earth energies and we started 2017 in a new, neutral state. I call the male dominated, follow-the-leader, Fear, Force and Control energy Darkness or Left-Spin; it went to zero % on January 1,2017. Same with Light, Right-Spin energies which are female dominated, go your own way, and oriented towards freedom, truth, choice and doing the Right Thing.

On April 1st, Darkness got 5% and Light 20%. This will happen again on July 1st, October 1st and, finally, on January 1st, 2018. So 2017 is the transition year and by 2018, Light, Right-Spin will have 80% of the powre in the world. The Elites are very right to be concerned; they have, essentially, lost all of their power.

How does all of this apply to the technologies on this site? Simple, all of these technologies are disruptive to the status quo; especially the decentralized power generation and storage ones. Without this change in the energy of the world, the Elites would have prevented these (and other technologies) from coming into the world.

I may be able to bring some of these technologies into the world in 2017, but feel confident that I can begin to do so in 2018.

Light, Love and Laughter,


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How can One Person come up with all of these ideas?

Being able to “invent” things is like many things; you get better at it with practice and time. Contrary to popular belief, inventing is NOT a team sport.

All creativity is based on someone being able to tap into a creative conversation within their own head. It is NOT about acquired knowledge that people learn from books and labs; it is about bringing out your own creativity. Tesla did not go to college to learn to be an electrical engineer; he was the first electrical engineer and did not have to unlearn a bunch of wrong ideas from a University Professor. Did Beethoven learn music from someone when he was five years old?

Tesla was a creative genius who changed our world; he “invented” or brought out the technology of the Alternating Current (AC) Electric Motor. Yes, there was a DC Motor already invented, but no one uses it. All electric motors, in our world, use AC. What else uses AC? The electrical Grid; you know, power from a wall socket that comes in Amps, Volts and Watts. Everything the power company uses to bring you your power was inspired by Tesla; the generators, the bus bars, the transformers, the electrical substations; yes, everything came from his one mind. These are just two of many ideas/technologies that Tesla brought into our world. Inventing uses Creativity; Invention is 90 percent Inspiration and 10 percent perspiration.

How did Tesla “invent”? He kept an idea in his mind until it was complete and then, he would share it with his assistants; this is well documented in books about Tesla. He could see the technology in his mind and tinker with it until it worked and tinker with it more until it worked perfectly.

This idea that inventing can only come from University and Corporate Labs is Edison”s model; he hired bright, creative people and gave them a salary and functional place to be creative in. They used their creativity and he owned and promoted the technology that they developed. Yes, Edison was able to take good ideas and push them forward with other creative people and money; that’s why we remember who Edison was and think of Tesla as a band or a car.

For you “investors” out there, it is always better to deal with a group that develops technology because groups are easier to bargain with and control. But think about it, there is always one or two people in the group who are the drivers (creators) and they must be compensated differently.

All of the inventions that are listed on this site are all “invented” like Tesla did; they are fully developed in my mind before they are written down. I am not going to work for an “Edison” who will steal my creativity and I am not going to put my work in the hands of crooked patent clerks and an Intellectual Property system that allows theft and costs $Millions and 10 years of effort to defend.

I prefer and insist on simple contract law to proceed. You/Everyone sign a Nondisclosure Agreement and I protect my technology with Trade Secret Laws. What about the Government Contracts that spread the technology around without controls? Simple, Governments (at all levels) are prohibited from owning or supporting any of this technology. Yes, they may use it on a rental basis with commercial support only. And yes, anyone close to the technical details, even if they work for the Government, will sign an NDA.

I have written this post in response to suggesting a technology for the UAS Cluster Initiative; clearly the bias is on Group Inventions and patents. That and Government Contracts are part of the “rigged” system that so many of us are now “waking” up to.

They do not believe it, but I have a “Cloaking Device” for UAVs/Drones, Fighter, Transport and Bomber Aircraft and Tactical/Armoured Vehicles. This Cloaking Device hides from RADAR, Heat Signatures and Visually and is much more cost effective than applying “Stealth” technologies. Just imagine, B-52s, C-5s, C-17s, Tanker Aircraft, and, yes, commercial aircraft flying around with instant Stealth. Same for tanks and APCs and, even individual soldiers/sailors/marines.

It will also work on trains and ships and, even, submarines. Shall we make our Boomers even more stealthy? How about our Carrier Battle Groups? Our resupply and refueling ships?

Get with the program People!


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The Majik is in the Alloy

Look at your computer; it has some steel, silicon boards, solder and lots of plastic.

Let’s take them one-at-a-time. Steel is iron that carbon has been added to. Yes, there are many types of steel; tungsten, vanadium, stainless (chromium), molybdenum and more. When we add additional elements into the mix, we get different properties.

Steel in the latest in a long line of alloy developments; first we had stone and then flint knappers, then copper, then bronze (our first real alloy), then brass, then iron, then steel, then aluminum, then solder, then silicon, then plastic and a future with more to come.

Wait a second, plastic is not a metal. True, but it is a complex mix of elements with many different properties which we not able to figure out until we started mixing complex metallic alloys; in a sense, it is still an alloy.

My point here is that when we mix different elements together in very specific ways and amounts, a new substance is made with many wonderful new properties. The Majik is in the alloy.

Of course, when I refer to Majik, I am talking about technology. Our world is only possible because Tesla showed us how to harness electricity which makes all of the metals and plastics and concrete that we take for granted.

On this site, I describe several new alloys that do new and wonderful things. Just think of all of the new and wonderful things steel and aluminum have done for us. What about plastic and concrete? What about Silicon?

All I am asking is to withhold judgement on what different mixes of elements may bring. If we have a metal that gets hot when current is run through it (copper), it is not reasonable to make a metal that get cold when current is run through it? If we can make electrical coils by wrapping copper wire, is there not a new, different, maybe better, way to make those coils? Many of us know about rare Earth magnets; is it not possible to make a non-ferrous (no iron) super magnet? How about a superconducting alloy that operates at room temperature (72 degrees F)? I know, not possible.

The alloy on this site that excites me the most is the Blue Rod metal; it is cheap, effective anti-gravity without having to expend a lot of electrical power. It is an alloy that generates an anti-gravitational field and anything touching it become weightless.

The next alloy that excites me is what I call MetalliGlass. I get it, it is glass (Silicon) mixed with a metal (Tungsten) to get an alloy that is lighter than aluminum, stronger than steel and does not rust or corrode in fresh or salt water. Wait a second, you mean you can drop the glass and it will not shatter? No, it is like dropping something made from steel, it will bend before it breaks. And yes, it can be molded, drawn into wire, welded, sanded/ground and, yes, it can be transparent like glass. No, it is not magnetic, but can be layered with magnetic metals or plastic (like your windshield).

The other aspect of the new Majik coming into the world is the use of electrical fields to do new and wonderful things. Some are using new alloys, but some will use our existing metals and plastics and concrete. More on fields in a new post.


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This Technology is new Majik coming into the World

To primitives, technology looks a lot like Magic; that is what happened when Elisha went up to Heaven in a whirlwind – it was a helicopter, but they did not know what to call it. The Ancients had world-wide communications, jet planes, lasers and, even, atomic bombs; these ancients called themselves Annunaki. Read about them in Sitchin’s books.

OK. It is clear that technology can look like Magic to people who have not advanced enough to develop the technology for themselves yet.

The technology on this site is like that; it is all based on a new energy that is just coming into the world now. I call it Right-Spin energy or the energy of Light.

Our world left the Age of Pisces on December 22, 2012 and entered the Age of Aquarius; it has taken three long years for the momentum of Pisces to become abated. Now, in 2016, this Right-Spin energy is growing rapidly; another name for it is Majik. Majik is pronounced just like Magic, but obviously Spell-ed differently. What is Majik? It is an energy that supports freedom, choice, truth and doing-the-right-thing.

Wait a second, how is that different from Magic; simple, Magic is Left-Spin and supports fear, force, control and resisting change; Magic is the spelling for Dark energy.

When we were in Pisces, we were in follow-the-leader energy. We use this word “School” to describe our education and indoctrination organizations; there is elementary school, middle school, high school, school of engineering and shool of thought. All of these come from the schooling of fish that came with the Age of Pisces.

Prior to Pisces, we were in Aries and prior to that, we were in Taurus. Both of these were heavily into follow-the-leader energies; Taurus was the bull and follow the herding cattle while Aries was the ram and follow the flocking sheep. This was all about male domination.

When we moved into Pisces, the symbol became two fish and the males just assumed it continued to support male domination throughout most of the 2,160 years of Pisces. In the 20th Century, women got to become leaders only because we were approaching Aquarius and had lots of spill-over Light entering our consciousness.

Yes, Taurus, Aries and Pisces were energetically dominated by Darkness (80%) and Light had to pick its battles carefully. In Aquarius, females will dominate; the symbol for Aquarius is a female standing at the top of a mountain with a water jug. She is pouring the water on the tippy top of the mountain and each water droplets is finding its own way down the mountain.

The energies of Taurus, Aries and Pisces all supported male domination and the requirement to follow-the-leader. Aquarius energy is counter to this totally; it is female dominated and supports going you own way; this will be viewed as chaos or anarchy to our male hierarchical world.

I have had to wait to bring these technologies into the world as they are all using Right-Spin Majik as their supporting energy. I state freely that these are technologies that will change the world. What does that mean?

I means that they are disruptive of the existing status quo and would be resisted with great effort in the old Piscean energy. That is no longer true; we are now in Aquarian energies and new ideas can be brought forth without fear of being ripped off or getting dead.

I know this is a new idea; Human nature does not change? Well, you are right, Human nature was dominated by Dark, Male, Follow-the-Leader energy for the past 6,480 years; that is longer than recorded Human history (his-story). For a very long time, we have not seen a change in Human Nature, but it is happening now.

Why am I telling you this? Because, I want you to less fearful and help me bring these Majikal Technologies into the world.


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