How can One Person come up with all of these ideas?

Being able to “invent” things is like many things; you get better at it with practice and time. Contrary to popular belief, inventing is NOT a team sport.

All creativity is based on someone being able to tap into a creative conversation within their own head. It is NOT about acquired knowledge that people learn from books and labs; it is about bringing out your own creativity. Tesla did not go to college to learn to be an electrical engineer; he was the first electrical engineer and did not have to unlearn a bunch of wrong ideas from a University Professor. Did Beethoven learn music from someone when he was five years old?

Tesla was a creative genius who changed our world; he “invented” or brought out the technology of the Alternating Current (AC) Electric Motor. Yes, there was a DC Motor already invented, but no one uses it. All electric motors, in our world, use AC. What else uses AC? The electrical Grid; you know, power from a wall socket that comes in Amps, Volts and Watts. Everything the power company uses to bring you your power was inspired by Tesla; the generators, the bus bars, the transformers, the electrical substations; yes, everything came from his one mind. These are just two of many ideas/technologies that Tesla brought into our world. Inventing uses Creativity; Invention is 90 percent Inspiration and 10 percent perspiration.

How did Tesla “invent”? He kept an idea in his mind until it was complete and then, he would share it with his assistants; this is well documented in books about Tesla. He could see the technology in his mind and tinker with it until it worked and tinker with it more until it worked perfectly.

This idea that inventing can only come from University and Corporate Labs is Edison”s model; he hired bright, creative people and gave them a salary and functional place to be creative in. They used their creativity and he owned and promoted the technology that they developed. Yes, Edison was able to take good ideas and push them forward with other creative people and money; that’s why we remember who Edison was and think of Tesla as a band or a car.

For you “investors” out there, it is always better to deal with a group that develops technology because groups are easier to bargain with and control. But think about it, there is always one or two people in the group who are the drivers (creators) and they must be compensated differently.

All of the inventions that are listed on this site are all “invented” like Tesla did; they are fully developed in my mind before they are written down. I am not going to work for an “Edison” who will steal my creativity and I am not going to put my work in the hands of crooked patent clerks and an Intellectual Property system that allows theft and costs $Millions and 10 years of effort to defend.

I prefer and insist on simple contract law to proceed. You/Everyone sign a Nondisclosure Agreement and I protect my technology with Trade Secret Laws. What about the Government Contracts that spread the technology around without controls? Simple, Governments (at all levels) are prohibited from owning or supporting any of this technology. Yes, they may use it on a rental basis with commercial support only. And yes, anyone close to the technical details, even if they work for the Government, will sign an NDA.

I have written this post in response to suggesting a technology for the UAS Cluster Initiative; clearly the bias is on Group Inventions and patents. That and Government Contracts are part of the “rigged” system that so many of us are now “waking” up to.

They do not believe it, but I have a “Cloaking Device” for UAVs/Drones, Fighter, Transport and Bomber Aircraft and Tactical/Armoured Vehicles. This Cloaking Device hides from RADAR, Heat Signatures and Visually and is much more cost effective than applying “Stealth” technologies. Just imagine, B-52s, C-5s, C-17s, Tanker Aircraft, and, yes, commercial aircraft flying around with instant Stealth. Same for tanks and APCs and, even individual soldiers/sailors/marines.

It will also work on trains and ships and, even, submarines. Shall we make our Boomers even more stealthy? How about our Carrier Battle Groups? Our resupply and refueling ships?

Get with the program People!


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