Finally, It’s Time to Bring these Technologies into the World.

I have been sitting on some of these technological ideas/approaches since May of 2002. All of these technologies are pulled from an “internal” conversation with my Spirit Guide or my Creative Self. When he was alive, his name was Nikola Tesla. All creative people do this whether they are painters. sculptors, digital artists or writers. Frequently, like me, they get visuals to help them.
My Internal Voice (Tesla) has told me that these new technologies had to wait until the energy shift was complete before they could be brought into the world. The energy shift began in January and is now complete enough that I am getting an “internal” green light to move ahead.
What does this mean? There has been a block on any progress for all of the items on this page and many more not listed; that block is lifted today on Thanksgiving Day 2018 (11/22).
The blocks have been lifted and I can begin to communicate and receive communications back from people and organizations that are willing to help me. I can now receive donations from anyone who wants to donate.
All of these technologies are very disruptive of the existing order. Under the old energy (Gemini, Taurus, Aries and Pisces or for 8,640 years), these technologies would have been suppressed, violently, if necessary. We have made the transition to Aquarian energies and the Old Order (One Worlders, Deep State, Bilderburgers, etc.) is losing it’s operating energy quickly.
Tesla tells me that I am safe, my family is safe and the people who help me are SAFE from these hard, Left-Spinners. Ask yourSelves if you want to help or not; it’s that simple. ALL HELP IS WELCOME!!!


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