5G, 6G & 7G, We Can Get There SAFELY!

Many of us have been becoming alarmed over the rush to bring unsafe, 5G technologies into our world. The Chinese Communist Party developed this technology to kill or sterilize the people of the west! I know, just too unbelievable, but this is how they were going to take over the world.
What is 5G? Essentially, think of it as Ultra-sound frequencies. Thinks how much impact that they will have on our bodies when instead of a few seconds, they are beaming at us (and through us) 24/7/365. These frequencies are not safe for our brains and will cause brain tumors that will drive people crazy and kill them.
Everyone seems to want a more data driven world and the Genie is already out of the bottle. We will have to address our privacy and ownership of our data along the way.
What is this safer way? We can use the existing 4G networks more efficiently. We can get much more bandwidth out of the existing cell towers that we are already using. I know, many people are already concerned about the radio frequency (RF) pollution, but it does not kill or sterilize mass numbers of people and is the basis for much of our technological progress.
Please read about various new options that we have in my New Physics pages on this site.
There are more than one field (the Electro-Magnet)that is generated when we put current down a wire (there are 9 fields). We can use these additional fields to carry large amounts of additional data and power over our wireless transmissions. We can even use these increased bandwidth techniques for the other frequency bands; HF, VHF, UHF, EHF, etc. We do not have to go to the dangerous, Ultra-Sound frequencies.

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