A Little Background; I am another Nikola Tesla

I’ve told you that I channel Nikola Tesla; that is true. So…who is this Nikola Tesla? He invented the electricity that we all use in this world; we call it alternating current. He invented much more than that.
How did he know how to do this? He did not have any formal training in electricity. He did not go to a college or university to learn about electricity. He just got images in his mind on how to build an alternating current generator.
As he learned to trust his “visions,” he invented more and more things. He never wrote down any of his inventions or shared them with his assistants until the invention was “completed” in his mind; yes, he got a signal when it was complete.
This is how I invent, but for me, I can describe my visions in a way that many of you can understand. After receiving a few Yeses on how to proceed with a new invention (or improve an existing one), I get a 3-Dimensional, High Definition, Color image in my mind. I can render it, raster it, assemble/disassemble it, assemble it differently, zoom it in/out, view it from any angle, measure it and, even, determine what each part (even complex parts) are made from.
So… what did I just describe to you? I am a complete one person lab. I can keep trying new things and fitting things together in different ways until the device/field/alloy works the way I want it to. My signal that it is complete? It lights up like a Christmas Tree; then, I can go on to my next project.

I can use this wonderful skill to get technological answers to any technology question.

For those of you who still don’t get it, this may help; think of me as a Remote Viewer. You know, people who can mentally transport themselves to underground bunkers in a country far away and report on what targeted people are saying, doing and, in some cases, can even read documents.
The difference is that I can Remote View new, disruptive technologies.

Yes, I channel Tesla; I talk to him in detailed Yes and No conversations; I was limited to this as I got too much information from mental contacts. Nothing is given to me; I must pull everything using a Yes or a No. I have gotten very good at asking the “Right” questions.

So…my point in writing this is that I invent just like Tesla did when he was alive; he too, pulled all of his knowledge from an internal conversation with someOne very creative. Remember, he did not go to Stanford or MIT; before Tesla, no one knew anything about Alternating Current.

Think about it, James Clerk Maxwell of Maxwell’s Equations fame. Where did he get those equations? Who did he learn them from? He brought new information into the world through his mental intellect. He started getting this information when he was just 18 years-old. Before Maxwell, Electrical Engineering did not exist. That is also true of Tesla.

The idea that important inventions must be developed/invented by a cast of thousands in a government/corporate/university laboratory is ridiculous and is not supported by the facts.

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