This Technology is new Majik coming into the World

To primitives, technology looks a lot like Magic; that is what happened when Elisha went up to Heaven in a whirlwind – it was a helicopter, but they did not know what to call it. The Ancients had world-wide communications, jet planes, lasers and, even, atomic bombs; these ancients called themselves Annunaki. Read about them in Sitchin’s books.

OK. It is clear that technology can look like Magic to people who have not advanced enough to develop the technology for themselves yet.

The technology on this site is like that; it is all based on a new energy that is just coming into the world now. I call it Right-Spin energy or the energy of Light.

Our world left the Age of Pisces on December 22, 2012 and entered the Age of Aquarius; it has taken three long years for the momentum of Pisces to become abated. Now, in 2016, this Right-Spin energy is growing rapidly; another name for it is Majik. Majik is pronounced just like Magic, but obviously Spell-ed differently. What is Majik? It is an energy that supports freedom, choice, truth and doing-the-right-thing.

Wait a second, how is that different from Magic; simple, Magic is Left-Spin and supports fear, force, control and resisting change; Magic is the spelling for Dark energy.

When we were in Pisces, we were in follow-the-leader energy. We use this word “School” to describe our education and indoctrination organizations; there is elementary school, middle school, high school, school of engineering and shool of thought. All of these come from the schooling of fish that came with the Age of Pisces.

Prior to Pisces, we were in Aries and prior to that, we were in Taurus. Both of these were heavily into follow-the-leader energies; Taurus was the bull and follow the herding cattle while Aries was the ram and follow the flocking sheep. This was all about male domination.

When we moved into Pisces, the symbol became two fish and the males just assumed it continued to support male domination throughout most of the 2,160 years of Pisces. In the 20th Century, women got to become leaders only because we were approaching Aquarius and had lots of spill-over Light entering our consciousness.

Yes, Taurus, Aries and Pisces were energetically dominated by Darkness (80%) and Light had to pick its battles carefully. In Aquarius, females will dominate; the symbol for Aquarius is a female standing at the top of a mountain with a water jug. She is pouring the water on the tippy top of the mountain and each water droplets is finding its own way down the mountain.

The energies of Taurus, Aries and Pisces all supported male domination and the requirement to follow-the-leader. Aquarius energy is counter to this totally; it is female dominated and supports going you own way; this will be viewed as chaos or anarchy to our male hierarchical world.

I have had to wait to bring these technologies into the world as they are all using Right-Spin Majik as their supporting energy. I state freely that these are technologies that will change the world. What does that mean?

I means that they are disruptive of the existing status quo and would be resisted with great effort in the old Piscean energy. That is no longer true; we are now in Aquarian energies and new ideas can be brought forth without fear of being ripped off or getting dead.

I know this is a new idea; Human nature does not change? Well, you are right, Human nature was dominated by Dark, Male, Follow-the-Leader energy for the past 6,480 years; that is longer than recorded Human history (his-story). For a very long time, we have not seen a change in Human Nature, but it is happening now.

Why am I telling you this? Because, I want you to less fearful and help me bring these Majikal Technologies into the world.


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